Amazon is a great place to buy things – you probably already know that. But did you know you can also make money on Amazon? It’s true, in their (by now famous) share-and-share alike way of doing business Amazon allow anybody to benefit from their success and make money on Amazon in partnership with them.

6 ways to make money on Amazon

Here’s a quick rundown on not just one or two but six different ways you can make money on Amazon:

1. Selling on Amazon. This is probably the simplest way to make money on Amazon. You see, Amazon allows anyone who wants to, to sell the same products they sell right there on their own Amazon sales page – in direct competition with them.

All you need to do is choose a product: You’re not restricted to selling books. You can sell many of the products that are sold on Amazon (with a few restrictions) such as clothing, audio, video or jewellery and more. All you need is a source of supply and to open a seller account. Search for the product listing on Amazon, click on ‘Sell on Amazon’ and start selling there and then.

2. Fulfilment by Amazon. This is a really handy add-on to Selling on Amazon for entrepreneurs who want a more hands-off business. With FBA you send your stock to Amazon in bulk. When you make a sale Amazon will pack and ship it for you using their highly efficient delivery system. It means you can run an Amazon business without having to hold or manage stocks or ever travel to the post office.

3. Amazon Associates. Amazon Associates is basically an affiliate scheme. When you become an Amazon Associate you can promote anything from Amazon’s vast product range. When you make a sale Amazon will pay you a commission (up to 15% in some cases) just for doing it!

Associates is ideal if you have (or want to set up) your own website, blog, curated website site or run an email newsletter. Just promote and recommend products that are relevant to your site using the affiliate link and marketing tools Amazon will give you. When a sale is made Amazon ship the product and deal with all customer service so there’s nothing more to do. You can even set up your own online store and stock it entirely with Amazon’s products if you want.

4. Amazon Advantage. This is a slightly more involved Amazon opportunity. It could be for you if you are (or want to be) a traditional book publisher, musician or studio wanting to publish music. Amazon will distribute and sell your book or music for you around the world – leaving you to concentrate on the creative side of producing your book or music.

5. Amazon Kindle Publishing. Of all the Amazon opportunities this is probably one of the most exciting! If you don’t already know, Amazon’s Kindle is an ebook reading device. Using it, customers can download and read ebooks from Amazon’s massive and growing range of books.

Well, under the Kindle publishing programme Amazon allow you to publish and sell your OWN ebooks and sell them to the millions (and growing) of Kindle users in their Kindle Store. You can publish a book on almost anything you like – fiction or non-fiction, using public domain material, writing your own book, or hiring a writer. Once your ebook is uploaded to Amazon it goes on sale in the Kindle store. Amazon handles the sales and delivery process and pays you a commission on all sales.

6. Amazon Webstore. Webstore is an e-commerce platform which you can use to set up and design your own online store that uses exactly the same technology and method of operation that Amazon’s own website uses. It is completely separate from Amazon so you can sell anything you like and set your own prices. It is designed to make setting up and running a professional website easy even for those without specialist technical skills.

Remember, this article is only intended to be a quick overview of the different ways to make money on Amazon. You can find lots more free articles about making money on Amazon here.