Get Your Paws on a Slice of The £100 Million UK Pet Toy Market

We bought a couple of lovely British shorthair kittens last September – (Posy & Bibi) – mainly as we thought it would be good for the children… but I forgot just how much fun they are… And how much you can end up spending on them! These days there’s a bewildering choice of foods, toys, […]

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The Hottest Publishing Trend of 2015: Colouring Books for Adults

About 6 months ago I was in my local Waterstones, wondering what to buy with some old book tokens I’d found at the back of a desk drawer. Alas, the only other time I visit Waterstones is to check out the latest books and then order them via Amazon! I’m actually a regular visitor to […]

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Want a new biz opp idea? Look to the USA

Right, let’s get stuck into some money making ideas. I’ve sent my chief researcher, Mark Hempshell, on countless missions to track down workable biz opp ideas over the years. And today I’ve asked him to share some of the most exciting ideas he’s come across in his recent searches he has made Stateside . . […]

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After seven months of subscribing to this pay per click marketing course, the results are in

Pay per click marketing course results

In this weeks eletter I want to pull back the curtain on the monthly membership option if you sign up at There’s a lot of interest in this monthly program about pay per click marketing, so I wanted to clear things up on it once and for all. Commission Blueprint Monthly – is this […]

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“It will not always be summer; build barns”

It won't always be summer build barns

I daren’t tempt fate… I looked at the BBC weather website this morning and thought they’d made a mistake. The 5-day forecast for London showed wall-to-wall sunshine and daytime temperatures in the high 70s. Surely they must have got it mixed up with Los Angeles or St Tropez. If only every day could be like […]

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The £240 Pizza Caviar and Other Legal Ways To Steal From The Rich

Earlier this year my family and I spent a week skiing. I know very little about skiing (the last time I was on the slopes was 28 years ago!) so was happy to be led by my lovely brother-in-law, Marcus, and his equally lovely wife Penny who we shared a chalet with. We stayed at […]

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Samuel Beckett and The 5 Rules of Successful Failure

He may never forgive us… When my wife and I were coming up with names for our son Zac (now 10), we wanted to give him a choice in later life if he didn’t like his first name. In our infinite wisdom as new parents we gave him 2 middle names. Finnegan and Samuel. Our […]

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Mind Control and The Rise of The Selfie: How to Increase Your Powers of Persuasion by Tapping into Human Self-Interest

What is it with people these days? With the rise of use of smartphones and twitter more and more people (both celebrities and lesser mortals) are taking photographs of themselves and posting them online. These self-portraits – or selfies – can be taken quickly and shared with thousands of people online immediately. A recent article […]

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The Micropreneur Revolution: Why The ‘Little People’ Are Scaring The Fat Cats in Starbucks

Imagine the scene… It’s Wednesday morning and I’m in the basement of a Starbucks near Blackfriars Bridge in London making some final notes for a consulting session with the publisher and marketing director of Farmer’s Guardian (but that’s another story). The only other people in the basement area are 3 smartly dressed ‘City’ types. As […]

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