If you’re looking to make extra money, from a home based business idea, especially something that’s ideal as a part time extra income, then this really could be worth taking a look at.

It is a business opportunity in the massive and very lucrative property industry. Yet you don’t need to own any property, or even know anything about property to get started.

What does an inventory assistant do?

Inventory assistants work in the property letting business. Here’s what they do: Whenever a tenant starts a new tenancy in a rented house or flat they make a list of all the contents of the property, and the condition of everything in it for the landlord. At the end of the tenancy they do the same thing again.

The ‘before’ and ‘after’ inventories are then compared. The tenant is responsible for anything that is missing, or any damage other than fair wear and tear.

So you can probably see just how important it is that the inventory is done carefully and professionally.

Who will your customers be?

Your customers for this service aren’t the tenants of rented property. They are the owners or landlords – they commission the compilation of the inventory and pay you for it. Since many landlords let out their property through letting agents these agents may often be your customers as well or instead.

Draw up a list of all landlords and lettings agents in your area – send them a sales letter explaining what you do.

What you can charge for this service will depend on your area. Most inventory assistants charge according to the size of the property and the work involved. It’s possible you could turn over £700-ish a week or around £35,000 a year even from a part time business.

Exactly what’s involved?

If you can prepare careful and accurate lists, and have good attention to detail, then this sort of business could be ideal for you – because that’s basically what is involved.

When you complete a ‘before’ inventory make a careful written list of the contents and condition – you’ll need to refer to this when completing the ‘after’ inventory. You’ll also need to provide at least two copies – one for the landlord and one for the tenant (who signs to say that the agree with it).

Some inventory assistants enhance their service by adding still or video photography to their inventories. You can do this with a digital camera and also many smartphones and tablets. Again, supply a copy for all parties involved.