Five Fantastic Micro-Opportunities

If you prefer to, or have to stay at home all day, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a successful business. You just need to come up with the right idea. An idea that means you can do much of your work at home, over the phone or online and still make a good profit, perhaps even part time. That’s what a microentrepreneurial opportunity is all about!

Here are five of my all-time favourite work from home small business ideas:

1. Home services agency

A home services agency could be the perfect small home business. It’s a way you can help people find those oh-so-difficult-to-find services like builders, plumbers and electricians, offer a service that these tradesmen will find invaluable, and skim a cut for yourself as well. (And have everyone thank you for your help!)

For more details on starting a home services agency see here.

2. Hands-off export agency

Now please don’t be put off if exporting sounds too complicated for you. I have discovered a way to turn it into a straightforward, almost completely desk-based business.

You won’t need a warehouse, a ship, or thousands in start up capital. You won’t need to travel or need any specialist knowledge. Most of your deals can be researched, found and concluded online, and you’re paid a commission simply for bringing buyer and seller together.

For more details on starting up an export agency see here.

3. Your own CV writing business

With the sickly economy, business failures and high unemployment, it is harder than ever to find a new job. In such a competitive market it’s important for job hunters to have a professional CV to send to prospective employers. So this opportunity is all about setting up your own CV writing business, compiling and supplying professional quality CVs to job hunters.

If you’re well organised, methodical, and have decent writing skills it could be perfect for you… especially as there’s more demand for this service than there has been for decades.

For more details on starting up your own CV writing business see here.

4. Proofreading and editing

How do you fancy making money while you sit down with a good (or not so good!) book? Well, if you enjoy reading proofreading could be for you.

A proofreader reads written documents such as books, manuals and articles and corrects any typographical mistakes. There’s good demand for this service from writers, publishers and even students worldwide. You can also offer an editing service too.

For more details on starting up your own proofreading and editing business see here.

5. Online crafting

Making things to sell from home, such as jewellery, could be the ideal opp. for you if you’ve got a creative bent. But spending all your weekends at a craft fair trying to sell it doesn’t sound all that appealing does it? Well now, thanks to a very clever website (and no it’s NOT eBay) you can make crafts and sell them quickly and easily online.

PLUS, you don’t actually need to be all that crafty at all!

To find out why, and how it works see here.

And don’t forget…

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Important. Don’t forget that as well as some great ideas there are a number of work from home scams out there, waiting to trick the unwary. Click here for some good advice on avoiding homeworking scams.