More mums than ever becoming self-employed

The numbers of mothers becoming self-employed is skyrocketing in the recession. So says a recent survey from freelancing website

PPH says 975 new mums have signed up to their site in the last three months alone. That’s a 110% increase over the last year!

PPS says that women are becoming self-employed because it offers flexible working hours, and some felt that some employers are prejudiced against those trying to juggle a job and children.

PPH said the South East was the fastest growing region for new mumpreneurs with a 29% increase in new members. This was followed by the South West (a 13% increase) and the Midlands (a 10% increase).

Freelancing can be a good way of getting into a business of your own. Whether you’re male or female, or have children or not. Freelancing offers you the freedom to work when and how you like, and set your own rates.

People Per Hour is one of a growing number of services that allow freelancers to get in touch with companies who need their services, and vice versa.