If you’d like to make some extra money from writing then travel writing is one way to do it and of all the ways of making money from writing, travel writing is perhaps the most interesting and fun… you can make money from writing about your holidays or, with a bit of effort, even earn enough money to travel around the world for free!

Make A Part or Even Full Time Income from Travel Writing

In this article I’ll run through of a few ways to make money from travel writing both on and offline.

* Newspapers and magazines

Most newspapers and magazines buy travel articles and features – anything from 3,000 word features to short filler paragraphs of a hundred words or so. As a newbie, don’t start out with the glossy travel magazines and national newspapers. Instead, focus on general interest magazines and local/regional newspapers. They’re much more likely to be interested in your work.

Before you submit an article read the relevant newspaper or magazine to get an idea of what they cover. That’s the best way to judge what they might buy. Drop the editor a letter or email briefly outlining your idea.

There’s lots more information on my blog about making money from this kind of writing: Mark Hempshell’s Make Money Writing

* Travel book publishing and self-publishing

Writing a travel book is something that takes a little more work than an article. But if you know a place really well – perhaps you’ve been there several times – it could be worth considering.

There are lots of travel publishers out there. Go to a bookshop with a good travel section and look for publishers who publish the type of book you’d like to write. But, whatever you do, don’t write a book and then try to find a publisher for it. Instead, draw up an outline for your book and write just a single sample chapter to send to them… you’ll soon find out if your idea is saleable or not.

eBook publishing is the newest way to make money from a travel book – it allows you to do it yourself without having to find a publisher. The easiest way is to publish your book as an Amazon Kindle eBook, and sell it through Amazon worldwide. There is lots more help and information about Kindle publishing on What Biz Opp. Here’s an article you might find handy.

* Travel review sites

Travel reviews – basically warts-and-all pieces on what you thought about a destination or facility – are easy and fun to write. They might be as short as 100 words or so. The only snag is, not all review sites will pay you for your reviews.

But I’ve found a travel review site where you CAN earn money for reviews…

Simonseeks says it is the world’s first website to offer comprehensive, up to date information and independent advice for travellers across a range of destinations.

You can earn money with Simonseeks either by applying to become a Simonseeks Expert or by contributing to Community Guides, which earn you a share of the site’s advertising revenues. More information: http://www.simonseeks.com/

* Content marketplaces

Content or article sites where you can post your articles and publishers can use them for free have been around for a while now. They’re good for generating traffic but not for generating any direct income.

But there is at least one website where you can post your articles, or ideas for articles, and publishers looking for material can bid for your articles or your writing services online. It’s called Constant Content and it’s suitable whether you want to write travel articles or articles on anything else for that matter. Just post some info about what you want to write here and buyers will contact you, or post travel articles you think they might like to buy.

Website: http://www.constant-content.com/