Here’s a real ‘light bulb moment’ you could find very rewarding

Nostalgia sells. I don’t know why but it does. Maybe because it gives us all a warm, fuzzy feeling inside to think about the past.

So how can you cash in on our emotional love affair and make money from nostalgia?

Here’s a bright idea we found recently…

You know how when you buy a light bulb the only ones available are those energy saving ones?

Ask for a good old-fashioned filament bulb in some shops and you’ll be met with puzzlement. (I even know one shop that keeps 100w bulbs under the counter just for ‘special’ customers… almost as if it was hardcore pornography!)

One entrepreneur proves you really can make money from nostalgia

The company is called Filament Lightbulbs and they specialise in just that… old-fashioned filament light bulbs. Here’s their site:

These are not only sold for nostalgia by the way. And there’s more to them than just old junk. They’re sold for decorative purposes, to give a sophisticated ‘retro’ look to shops, restaurants, bars, homes and so on.

They’re certainly not cheap, and I’m guessing that they sell for a pretty attractive profit margin too.

So, how could you cash in on the ‘nostalgia niche’?

You could use this idea and start selling other retro products that are now hard to find. Here are a few ideas…

  • Old non-digital cameras
  • Retro phones and electronics
  • Vintage clothing and footwear
  • Classic car parts
  • Door furniture
  • Bathroom fittings
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Maybe even ‘retro’ food products from the 70s and 80s?!

So, OK. These are specialist areas. Not everyone is in the market for these things. But chances are you will find enough customers who like this kind of nostalgia to build up a small niche business.

It wouldn’t take much doing. All you’d need to do is source a supply of the retro products and set up a website to sell them from.

It could also be a great niche for eBay… retro products, light bulbs or otherwise, are very underexploited there.

By the way, if you’re interested in making money from nostalgia here are a couple of other ideas we’ve covered in the past, and which you might be interested in:

* Here’s a system for finding old photographs and other memorabilia down at your local county archives, legally ‘pinching’ them for free and making a nice sideline profit from offering trips down memory lane.

This blueprint tells you all about it.

* Russell Chard has his own very profitable part-time business selling old CDs and records. As the post war baby-boomers have the most available cash to spend on leisure and entertainment this means that retro memorabilia of this type is in BIG demand. We’ve also discovered a way of repacking and reselling old vinyl records and artwork very profitably.

You can read a free blueprint here.