ImageIt’s easy to make money by making and selling crafts… with this great crafts marketplace

This site will be of interest to you if you’re into crafting. It’s a way you could turn your hobby into an extra income stream. If you’re interested in making and selling jewellery and similar crafts products rather than buying it, it could be a nice little sideline opportunity for you.

Basically Folksy is a ready made online crafts fair for your home made craft products. You can set up your own store in minutes. Decide what you want to sell, set the price, then upload details and a pic.

Visitors to Folksy can browse what you have to sell and order from you instantly. All payments are handled by PayPal. It costs just 15p per item to list things on Folksy and you pay them 6% commission (+ VAT) on anything you sell. Or you can get an annual subscription for £30.

But this is one of the most exciting things about Folksy: It tends to focus on unique, upmarket handmade products. Things you won’t find in the shops. And because of that they tend to sell at very attractive prices indeed. Probably much more than you’d get if you tried to sell things at a ‘real world’ crafts fair …. and no need to stand around manning your stall either.

Here are the kind of things that you can sell through Folksy: Accessories. Art & Photography. Cases, Purses, Wallets & Bags. Children & Baby. Clothing. Furniture. Homeware. Jewellery. Soaps & Oils. Stationery. Toys & Dolls. Wedding Items. (There are a few restrictions on some things and also how much handmade content they should have.)

Tip. Before you start selling browse what OTHER people are selling on Folksy right now. This will tell you what sort of crafts are selling …. and what aren’t.

If you’re interested you can find the Folksy site here:

Another very similar crafts marketplace you might be interested in is Etsy. Details here: