HM The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June isn’t just a chance for the nation to celebrate. If you know how, it’s an opportunity to make some extra money too. In this report, I’ll explain a few simple ways you can make some extra cash from the upcoming Diamond Jubilee. Or for that matter any big event this or next year.

How could you profit from the Diamond Jubilee?

First of all… this is very exciting. Maybe there isn’t quite as much interest in the UK in things Royal as there was back in the 1977 Silver Jubilee. But there’s massive interest in other countries abroad, especially in the USA. With the help of online sales platforms like eBay and Amazon you can access and make money from the huge home and overseas interest in the Diamond Jubilee.

Here are just a few ways you could do it:

Celebratory Merchandise. Everything from flags and bunting to posters, T-shirts and those periscopes which always seem to make an appearance at events that attract big crowds. And don’t forget party goods or fancy dress outfits for celebratory parties. You can buy these sorts of things cheaply from wholesalers, and sell them for lots more offline or offline.

Royal Memorabilia. People love to buy things that will remind them of a special day. I’m thinking of products like mugs, plates, prints, paintings, glassware, paperweights and books to name just a few.

The great thing is there are not just one but TWO opportunities here. You can either buy these things from wholesalers and sell them on.

Here’s a great place to find sources of royal memorabilia to sell.

You could also think about making, or having made, your own personalised royal memorabilia for sale.

Royal Collectables. Here’s a trend our online selling experts have noticed: Collectable items can often be bought very cheaply in advance of a royal or other event. Then their values soar once the event arrives and for weeks or months afterwards. That opens up some hot buy low-sell high opportunities. Here are a few products that you could get involved in: Stamps, first day covers, coins, programmes, postcards, photographs, confectionary tins, trinket boxes, dolls, pottery, Royal ephemera, books.

Also check local auctions for collectables which you can buy cheap and sell worldwide on eBay for lots more.

Royal Publishing. New developments in publishing have made this really practical as a small bus. opp. How about putting together your own Royal celebratory or commemorative ebooks? You can use your own writing or pics… or simply collect public domain or photo library material and cut-and-paste them up into Jubilee-related ebooks.

It’s now easy to sell to sell your own ebooks worldwide using Amazon’s Kindle publishing platform.

Here’s a useful What Biz Opp article on ebook publishing.

Party Organising And Catering. If previous Royal events are anything to go by there are sure to be lots of Diamond Jubilee parties around the country – perhaps even some good old-fashioned street parties. And lots of decorated homes, shops and offices too. Not everybody wants the hassle of planning and organising their event. So how about setting up as a party organiser and/or caterer doing everything for them?

In fact, this could be a good excuse to start a party organising/catering business that would keep you busy all year round handling parties, weddings, anniversaries and all kinds of other special events, not just Royal ones.

And this is one of the really exciting things: You see, the Diamond Jubilee is just one special event that offers moneymaking opportunities for entrepreneurs. Even once it’s over that won’t be the end of event-related business opportunities. The secret with making money from events is to plan well ahead – check your diary to find out what events are coming up over the next 6-12 months. Then just operate the same moneymaking methods – but sell different products to suit whatever special event it is.