Product Opportunity Of The Month!

You might have noticed the massive growth in the use of LED lighting products at the moment. LED is appearing everywhere now – in domestic lighting, in outdoor lighting, in vehicles and in all kinds of household and novelty products.

Little wonder really, LED lighting is energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and increasingly fashionable too. And it’s a market that’s set to get even bigger as product costs fall and LED lighting becomes more sophisticated.

A report in LEDs magazine – a trade publication for the world LED industry – says that the LED lighting sector grew fast last year – by 44% – and is worth £1.2 billion in sales overall. And, it’s likely to grow by 20% in each of the next three years!

That’s why I’m tipping LED lighting as an exciting product area to get involved in right now. You can import cheaply using online ‘cash and carry’ import sites and sell by using a wide variety of different channels – online, offline, wholesale – and LED lighting could be perfect for selling on eBay or Amazon too.

If you’d like more information on opportunities in the LED lighting market let me know. I could bring you more information, sources and contacts over the coming weeks.