I have, on several occasions, talked about businesses for women. Well, here’s a niche consultancy business started by a lady who also happens to be a grandmother… a member of the group now being dubbed the ‘oldpreneurs’.

But anyone, of any age and any sex could set up their own twist on the niche consultancy

If you’ve ever been faced with having to help an older relative who needs to go into care you’ll know it can be a difficult and upsetting time. Well, after 25 years in the care industry Jennie Falconer in Beverley, East Yorkshire, has set up a service that helps.

Basically Jennie is a totally INDEPENDENT care consultant. She advises those looking for domiciliary care, a care home, respite care and nursing, and care for people with dementia on their options in a totally impartial way.

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You see – successful business is often about selling the solution to a problem. And Jennie has come up with a business that solves a problem that (as far as I know) no one else is solving. I think it’s really clever and entrepreneurial.

What existing skill do you have that you could turn into a niche consultancy?

It doesn’t matter if you know nothing about care. Your skill might be something practical, like cookery, garden design, first aid or car mechanics? Or perhaps something more desk-based… maybe you have financial skills, IT skills, management skills or have worked in human resources?

Whatever it is, there are people and businesses out there who will pay you to work a few hours a week or month as a self-employed consultant. All you need is a mobile phone, maybe a computer, some neat business cards and to do some local marketing and networking.