Make money …. by making things !

Here’s a different way to make money compared to many other ideas you might have read about. Chances are you haven’t considered it before. But it could make a great part time or sideline make money opp!

Over the last few years, service businesses have grown fast. And good though some of them are, the UK used to be the world’s foremost manufacturing nation. There’s absolutely no reason why manufacturing – making things to sell – can’t still be a viable and rewarding business opportunity.

Of course, there is a bit of a snag with manufacturing businesses. They conjure up ideas of factories with smoking chimneys, heavy machinery producing products by the thousand, designs, patents, large workforces and all that kind of thing.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. By choosing the right kind of low tech ‘cottage industry’ type products you can still get into product manufacturing in a small way – and it can be a business you can run part time from home starting with very little capital.

Here are ideas for 11 products you could make to sell:

1. Jewellery – Design your own unique jewellery items. Such as rings, brooches, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, bangles, earrings. Inexpensive mounts and semi-precious stones are available from specialist suppliers.

2. Soap – Take soap mix, add your own colours and fragrances to make unique hand made soap. Sell as gifts with a difference.

3. T-Shirts – Print up with your own designs. Or create designs to sell to sport/music/hobby fans.

4. Chocolates – Melt confectionary grade chocolate. Add your own centres, colours, flavourings, fruit, nuts etc. to make unique handmade chocolates.

5. Clothing – Design your own clothing and knitwear items – perhaps simple items like hats, scarves, pullovers etc. Lots of free patterns on the Internet. Find experienced knitters to make them up for you.

6. Greetings Cards – Handmade greetings cards are easy to do and are popular with buyers. Loads of supplies – paper, cards, lettering, embellishments etc. available from specialist suppliers.

7. Candles – Mix candle making wax with your choice of colourings and scents. Pour into a mould to make your own unique handmade candles. Always a popular profit line.

8. Leather Goods – Simple items like belts, watchstraps, wallets and purses, bookmarks, even leather jewellery are very do-able if you pick up some basic leatherworking skills. Maybe even bags and handmade purses once you become more accomplished.

9. Models – Casting with stonecast or resin is a very flexible technique that can be used to create a whole variety of products. One you’ve got the basics of casting you can make both toy and collectable models including figurines, sculptures, animal models, garden ornaments (including gnomes), toy soldiers, model buildings and unique chess sets. Hand crafted chess sets are possible once you develop your skills.

10. Cup Cakes – Everybody loves home made cakes and cup cakes are the latest craze. Bake basic cakes then add your own decadent frostings and decorations …. as crazy as you like!

11. Prints & Photos – Take interesting photos or source them from a photo library. Views, panoramas, street scenes, classic cars, aircraft, pets etc. Frame them and sell them to enthusiasts and tourists.

Get the skills. If you don’t have any craft skills ask your local further education college about classes – lots of them have inexpensive day/evening classes in craft skills.

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