An alternative ClickBank business opportunity you might not have thought of!

You probably know that ClickBank is a place to source digital products to sell for a commission. That’s the ClickBank opp that most people first think of. But here’s a different way of making money ClickBank that you might not have considered.

Creating your own ebook can be a relatively easy way to get into publishing. Once it’s written ClickBank is a great platform that you can use for publishing and selling your own ebook too.

Here’s basically what ClickBank is: It’s a digital products marketplace. Publishers or writers with ebooks to sell can list their products on ClickBank. Marketeers who want to sell digital products can browse the offerings, then include a link from their website or promotional material to ClickBank to enable customers to order it online in one seamless transaction.

Essentially ClickBank is an affiliate network. But one that is easy for new and small sellers to make use of.

What you need to get started on ClickBank: An idea for an ebook you’d like to create. This can be more or less anything. Something you know well, such as your work, a hobby or interest would be ideal. Take a look at the existing listings on ClickBank ( to see what’s currently on offer and doing well and come up with your own original take.

Ebooks sold this way don’t have to be long. 5,000 words and up is OK if your subject is strong. And your book content isn’t just limited to written material. You can also include illustrations like diagrams and photos and also video and audio in a digital product – this could be great if you’re not keen on writing.

Before you can offer your book on ClickBank you’ll also need a website for it. A single page explaining what your book is about and listing all its features will do the job. You can set one up yourself using a service like

You don’t need a payment or order fulfilment system – ClickBank will do all that for you. Once it’s ready all you need to do is list your book on ClickBank. (It’s fairly easy to do and full instructions are on their site.) ClickBank will give the marketeers who want to sell your book what they call a hoplink. This is a piece of code which the seller cuts and pastes into their website to direct interested buyers through to information about your product.

ClickBank say that they have around 100,000 active affiliate marketeers in 145 countries – all of these will be able to promote and sell your book for you once it’s accepted. Those who sell your ebook get a commission for every sale they make. ClickBank also earns a cut for arranging everything too, and there’s also a small one off sign up fee.

It’s impossible to know how many copies of your ebook you could sell on ClickBank. It depends on how many sellers take it up and how well they promote it. But the most successful products have sold several millions of copies. One of the best things is that you can give it a try for a very small initial outlay.

You can find more information about ClickBank seller opportunities here