You might be familiar with the idea of writing reviews on the Internet for products and services you buy. You might have written a review of your latest holiday for the famous Tripadvisor travel website for example.

The thing is, most of these reviews don’t make you any money.

How would you like to get paid for writing reviews?

There are some websites where you actually get paid for writing reviews – for saying what you think about your favourite products and services… or those you hate! Anything from that film you saw at the weekend, to your new smartphone or new car! Here are a few of them you could try:


Membership of Ciao! entitles you to earn money for your opinions written on such varied subjects as books, films, cars, websites… really anything that people buy. The categories at Ciao! (although not all of them) work on a pay per read basis where you can earn cash for every member who reads your opinion. In addition, Ciao! has a paid market research section which, should you opt-in, will survey your opinion throughout the month on various issues. Earnings start from 0.5p per review read, which could all add up over the year.

Review Me

Review Me is a site that will pay you for writing blog-based reviews. Begin by creating an account with them. Then submit your blog for inclusion into the Review Me publisher network. If approved, your site will enter the ReviewMe marketplace and clients can purchase reviews from you. You decide whether to accept each offer or not – you control what you review. Reviews must be at least 200 words. You will then be paid between US $20.00 and $200.00 (it’s an American site) for each completed review that you post to your site.


Squidoo is a free platform that allows you to build your own review site. It’s based on a system of what are known as lenses. You can create a lens about anything you like, including products and services you use.

Once you’ve chosen your subject you can use the free Squidoo tools to link to online shops, such as on Amazon and eBay. Then, every time someone clicks on an ad, every time someone buys a book, every time someone wins an auction, every time someone buys anything at all through your lens Squidoo gets paid. Then they pay half of the commission they receive back to you.