You might have noticed in the newspapers that MI5, the national security service, have a big recruitment drive on at the moment. So how do you fancy running your own MI5-inspired business… and spying for a living?

Become a Business Spy… in the Not So Murky World of SME Competitor Intelligence

OK, it sounds a bit pie in the sky. But there is actually a very serious professional business-to-business opportunity lurking here and I think there’s tons of potential to be exploited.

Let me explain…

Say you run a small or medium-sized business. You think you have a good product or service. But in today’s competitive business environment you’re almost certainly not alone. You will have anything from a couple to maybe a dozen competitors in the same business. You need to know what they’re doing at any one time.

It’s especially the case in a recession when things are uncertain. And especially true in the Internet age when businesses can appear, disappear, add new products, drop them and change prices at the click of a mouse. If you want to be really successful you need to know what your competitors are doing.

The problem is, most small-medium businesses don’t have time to keep tabs on all their competitors.

So how about a service that “spies” on what a business’s competitors are doing and reports back to them on a regular basis to help them keep ahead of the pack? If you could provide this service at a reasonable cost don’t you think that would be a hit right now?

I certainly feel it could be a great little opportunity. And in this blueprint I’m going to run through exactly how it could work.