5 ways to spot an affiliate product that will really sell

You might know what affiliate marketing is. But do you know how to tell whether that affiliate product you’re thinking about selling is going to be an affiliate market success? Here are a few points to consider when looking for new affiliate products.

Which affiliate products or services are guaranteed to be the best sellers?

Well, generally, the products and services that sell well on an affiliate basis are the self same ones that sell well on a non-affiliate basis. The secret is to look at products that are good from a buyer’s point of view, rather than just good from a seller’s point of view.

1. Is it Internet friendly? Since by definition most affiliate products and services are bought on the Internet does the product lend itself to being searched for, compared and sold online?

It’s no coincidence that products like information products and flights, hotels and holidays are some of the best affiliate products. The buyer can buy and download them there and then.

2. Is it trending? Usually the most successful affiliate products are products that are new, innovative and exciting in some way. Sellers can make lots of money from them relatively quickly while everyone is searching for them and is keen to buy. Monitor Internet traffic to see if your product is trending in searches. Google Trends is one way of doing this.

3. How many other affiliates are selling it? If not many affiliates have jumped on board this programme then how’s it going to work for you? But if there are already thousands of affiliates selling it you could be selling into an overexploited and fast diminishing market.

Be sure to do a search to find out how many affiliates are promoting the same product. Try to find a happy medium.

4. Is the price right? Remember it’s easy for buyers to shop around and find the best price nowadays. One snag with some affiliate programmes is that they promise juicy commission to affiliates – but that is offered at the expense of an unrealistic or uncompetitive selling price to customers.

5. Does it come with good promotional material? Such as a landing page, banners and ezine copy you can use? Or, can you create your own? It doesn’t matter how good the product is itself. If the promotional material is poor it won’t sell.

And here’s the acid test for a good affiliate product or service: Would you buy it yourself?

Lots of affiliate marketers (mainly the unsuccessful ones) sell products that they wouldn’t touch with a bargepole at a price they’d never pay. But if you wouldn’t buy the affiliate product or service you’re promoting – especially because it’s something you don’t need or is not well priced – then there’s every chance that not many other people will buy it either!

Only once you’re confident the product or service will appeal to buyers should you consider how it stacks up for you, the seller.

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