If you’re looking for a small, part time, home or sideline business then you could look at the opportunities for sourcing, buying and selling junk.

The old adage, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure has never been truer. If you know what and where, you can pick up unwanted stuff for pennies and sell it on for pounds for a great sideline income.

The choice is yours.You could buy and sell anything from old tapes, records, CDs and books… to clothes and even electronic gadgets.

It needn’t involve trudging round the car boot sales either. The Internet has made buying and selling almost anything easier and quicker than ever before. Here’s not just one but 20 online platforms where you can buy and sell all kinds of junk for real money… without ever leaving home!

Make Money From Junk!

1. Abebooks at www.abebooks.co.uk can be a good place to sell collectable, interesting or out of print books.

2. Alibris at www.alibris.co.uk is an alternative to Amazon for selling books.

3. ASOS Marketplace at www.asos.com. This is part of the now quite well known and fast growing ASOS fashion site. Site users can sell for as little as 10% commission, or even set up their own boutique.

4. Bigwardrobe at www.bigwardrobe.com. Does clothes selling (and swapping).

5. CashForCartridges at www.cashforcartridges.co.uk. You can sell empty ink cartridges (of all things) here.

6. Cex at http://uk.webuy.com. Buys entertainment products for resale in Cex shops.

7. Champagne & Lemonade at www.champagneandlemonade.com is a platform for quality high-end clothing.

8. Green Metropolis at www.greenmetropolis.com is a recycling-minded site for selling books. Guaranteed minimum price for each one.

9. GreenTech pay up to £12 per cartridge for empty printer cartridges: www.gtrecycling.com.

10. Hardleverwornit at www.hardlyeverwornit.com. This is for designer clothing that, as the name says, has hardly been worn.

11. Mobile Valuer at http://mobilevaluer.com. This site can help you find the buyers willing to pay the best price. Not just mobile phones but many other gadgets too.

12. Momox at www.momox.com buys CDs, DVDs, games and also books.

13. PlayTrade at www.play.com is for selling DVDs, CDs, games and books, new and used.

14. Recycle Your Gadget at www.recycleyourgadget.co.uk is a kind of price comparison site for gadgets.

15. Redeem at www.redeemplc.com is a larger trade buyer of cartridges, and also some electronic gadgets.

16. Rarelist at www.rarelist.co.uk is a place to sell rare books.

17. The Gadget Recycler at www.thegadgetrecycler.com. Sell electronic gadgets here, even those which are broken or have parts missing.

18. Webuydvds at www.webuydvds.co.uk buys CDs, DVDs and games.

19. Weeebuy at www.weeebuy.co.uk buys just about every kind of electronic gadget.

20. Zapper at www.zapper.co.uk buys entertainment products and also books.

By the way, they’re a bit obvious – but don’t forget eBay and Amazon of course. You can find more useful articles about selling on eBay in our eBay Library here and our Amazon Library here.