If you want to make some money selling used books then Amazon can be a great way to do it. It’s probably the biggest bookselling platform in the world… and good value used books are in heavy demand from buyers there.

Make Money Selling Used Books with This Amazon Alternative

But how about an alternative to Amazon? Green Metropolis could be one worth considering. Green Metropolis could help widen your market, and is just as easy to sell books on as Amazon.

What is Green Metropolis?

It’s important to note that Green Metropolis isn’t a bookselling site in the same way as Amazon.

Green Metropolis is a company dedicated to encouraging people to recycle their books for the benefit of the environment, by enabling them to buy and sell easily.

All their books are priced at just £3.75 including postage. That means that when a book sells through them you receive a guaranteed £3 fixed price per book sold no matter what it is… and just as importantly no one can undercut you.

How do you use Green Metropolis?

Green Metropolis is very easy to use and is very much like Amazon.

In order to list books for sale, you must first register and open a Green Metropolis account. Go to GreenMetropolis.com and click the ‘Log on/Register’ button to register. It’s quick, easy and costs nothing.

To list your books, simply select the ‘Sell a Book’ option. For each book you wish to sell you’ll need to enter the ISBN (that’s the book’s number on the back, next to the barcode), the condition of the book and if it’s a heavier book, select a Postage Payment. You need to rate the condition of the books you sell as accurately as possible.

When a book sells Green Metropolis will send you an email. All you need to do is send it off to the buyer. Simple.

What sort of books sell best on Green Metropolis?

You can sell any and all kinds of books on Green Metropolis. If anything, fiction books seem to be more popular.

One important thing. The selling price is fixed at £3.75, of which Green Metropolis keep 75p commission and £3 goes to the seller. So, it’s going to work better as a business for lower-value books. (By the way, you can also give some of your sale price to charity if you want to.)

The £3 you receive is also intended to cover the postage of the book to the buyer –although you can add a postage supplement to the price if you want to. So ideally the books you sell should be light/thin enough to post at a lowish price.

What else can I use Green Metropolis for?

Here’s a good idea: If you’re selling on Amazon have a look at the books for sale on Green Metropolis. Because the maximum selling price is £3 you might just find some unusual/rare/collectable books that you can buy here and resell for more on Amazon itself!

Here’s the Green Metropolis website: www.greenmetropolis.com