Could Preloved Be Your Ideal eBay Alternative ?

If you’re selling on eBay, or looking for an alternative to eBay, then it could be worth your while taking a looked at It could be a great for a sideline or part time extra money maker.

Preloved is an online classified advertising website. Similar to the good old small ads. you used to find by the hundreds in the local newspapers – but on the Internet. Preloved say it is one of the largest classified advertising sites in the UK with 5 million visitors a month. At any one time it has thousands of small ads. in over 500 main and sub categories.

One important thing about it is that it is a locally/regionally based platform. When a buyer uses Preloved to search for things they can customise their search just to their town or region. This means that the majority of your customers will mostly be local, will travel to buy your item and pay you cash on collection. So you won’t have to bother about shipping (or the cost of it) as with eBay.

It’s very easy to list. Just write a short classified-style description and add a photo. Preloved isn’t an auction You post your item up. It sells (hopefully) for a fixed price and that’s that. There’s no waiting for your listing to end. There’s no worrying about feedback either.

These are the main product categories on Preloved. I think you can see product coverage is nowhere near as extensive as eBay. But that could be an advantage …. in that it’s easier to focus in and see what you could sell, and easier for buyers to find what you’re selling:

  • Home and Family.
  • Health and Leisure.
  • Holidays and Travel.
  • Computing.
  • Motoring.
  • Property and Accommodation.
  • Office and Business.
  • Employment, Training and Education. Personal.

You can join Preloved as a private seller/buyer for free and place as many ads. as you wish. There’s limited access with the free option though. If you want to sell on Preloved as a business then you need a Preloved business membership. This costs £20 a month (plus VAT) for up to 15 listings at any one time or £50 a month for unlimited listings. (They often offer a free trial so you can try Preloved out and see what you think.) There are no selling fees on top nor any charges related to the value of your item.

Let’s be honest now. Preloved probably isn’t going to replace eBay as a biz opp. But then Preloved is quite strong where eBay is weak. It’s very good for selling to your local and regional area. It’s also ideal for things that are bulky, heavy or expensive to ship which eBay isn’t good for.

So Preloved could make an ideal local alternative or add-on to eBay. It could get you extra local sales you might not otherwise get …. and open up opportunities to sell products you couldn’t otherwise sell.

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