The Offer:

“Are you looking for an opportunity with massive growth potential? Join the mobile explosion!

Did you know that over 75% of the world’s population are mobile subscribers and the mobile app industry is forecast to grow by over 1,000% by 2015? In just over 3 years, over 20 billion apps have been downloaded between iPhone and Android devices.

As an Eazi-Apps Network Member, you can deliver cost effective beautifully created iPhone, iPad, Android and Mobile Web Apps to businesses without any technical or design experience.”

What Exactly Is It?: Basically Eazi-Apps is an online platform that helps you create, design and sell apps to business customers – places like restaurants, estate agents and gyms and so on. The outlay for the package and training/support is £5,900. They can also build the apps for you for an additional fee.

What WBO Thinks: We don’t doubt for a minute that creating and selling mobile applications is a big growth area. And we really like the idea of selling apps for businesses, rather than the general public.

But, no matter what anybody tells you, it is something that requires a degree of technical understanding. And it’s also pretty competitive.

While we like the idea of a system that can manage the whole process for you, it would probably be no less difficult to hire outside programmers to design the apps for you directly. For example, using a site like Elance. Also, making a success of this business would call for some marketing flair, which Eazi-Apps doesn’t seem to offer any help with.

In summary: We’re not too sure what Eazi-Apps can offer that you can’t do for yourself for nothing.

Website for more information.