Dear Reader

We live in truly extraordinary times…

Our whole way of life – our fast-moving sophisticated world – has been brought to a halt… by a tiny particle!

Our advanced technology and medicine seems powerless against this invisible enemy.

This is first and foremost a public health emergency.

Our priority is to beat the virus and save as many lives as possible.

But this is also an economic emergency – one that could have a profound and incalculable impact on our financial security for months – even years – to come.

Everything we took for granted has been turned upside down.

In less than a month, it has triggered a worldwide stock market collapse, travel bans, closed borders and forced governments to impose personal restrictions not seen in peacetime.

The Coronavirus crisis is already having a devastating effect on the UK economy… threatening jobs, small businesses and the financial security of ordinary people.

As shops, restaurants, airlines and factories shut down around the world, from New York to London and Madrid, economists are warning that global recession is no longer a looming threat.

It’s here!

I can’t even begin to guess how many millions of people could lose their jobs, and how many companies could go bankrupt, because of this virus.

If you find this as alarming as I do, and are wondering what you can do to defend yourself against the economic fallout, please keep reading:

Due to this growing emergency, I’ve decided to take immediate and drastic action in order to help all of my customers, clients and readers.

I’ve put together a radical FINANCIAL ESCAPE PLAN designed specifically to help you avoid the devastating effects of the coming economic meltdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

With your permission, I’ll send you everything you need to set up a crisis-proof extra income source from home quickly without any risk on your part.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, your current job status or commitments… or the restrictions we are asked to follow during the coming weeks and months.

It means you can have access to me, my team of researchers and our entire archives and resources for the next 12 months without any commitment or risk on your part.

Before I give you full details, let me make this next point clear:

I am not qualified in the slightest to make a comment on the nature of the virus or the health implications.

The government and mainstream media have that unenviable responsibility!

But I do have decades worth of professional first-hand experience of helping people make money from home.

  • I’ve spent the last 26 years writing, editing, and publishing business, investment and financial advice in the UK and around the world.
  • During my time at Agora Inc (the global financial publisher) I was Editorial Director of Stockmarket Confidential, Penny Share Guide, The Fleet Street Letter, Personal & Finance Confidential and many other highly respected titles.
  • I commissioned and published the advice of leading experts on how to survive and profit during booms and busts, recessions and bear markets.
  • In 1998 I launched The Guild of Wealth – a members-only club dedicated to connecting people with proven ways of making money.
  • I was also the publisher of its sister publication The Highlander Club.
  • Together they had a readership of more than 110,000 people.
  • And then, in 2003, along with my wife `Heloise, I launched What Really Makes Money – an independent review of home enterprise opportunities in the UK.
    This was followed by What Really Wins Money (for sports betting), Ebay Confidential, Digital Upstart as well as dozens of courses, reports and subscription services.

I don’t say any of this to show off.

I simply want to show you that I am qualified to help.

Look, even if what I have to offer isn’t for you, then PLEASE do everything you can to prepare for the worst.

But I hope you will consider my invitation.

You can get instant access to the FINANCIAL ESCAPE PLAN – without making ANY commitment or risking a penny of your own money.

You see, I passionately believe in the ability of individuals to become financially independent through their own efforts.

The problem is, most people haven’t a clue what they should do.

The result is people end up following completely the wrong path and end up making little or nothing.

Or they are so overwhelmed by the choice they do nothing.

Neither of these is an option today.

Right now there is an urgent need for clear and actionable advice you can rely on.

And that’s why I am writing to you today.

I have put together a proven workable plan that will instantly give you a clear and easy to follow method for finding the best extra income source.

And I will work with you for the next year to make sure you continue to get the best possible results and have financial peace of mind through these incredibly uncertain times.

But I have to admit one thing:

Some people will be offended by what I am proposing.

Some people are already accusing me of trying to profit off the back of peoples’ genuine fears.

Yes, you will always find money-grabbing parasites and rip-off artists when there is the merest whiff of people in desperate need.

But I can assure you that my desire is to genuinely help… NEVER exploit you.

In fact, I’ve made sure you won’t risk a penny unless I deliver on what I’ve promised.

You can take and use and keep EVERYTHING I am about to give you for a whole year – without the slightest risk to you.

This is my 100% UNCONDITIONAL personal promise.

I’ve run a business long enough (17 years) to know that putting the well-being of my customers first – before profit – is not only ethically and morally right, but over the long term means people come to trust you and remain loyal customers.

Ok, with that out of the way, let’s move on to the stuff that really matters…

How to survive AND beat the corona crunch

The single most important thing you can do right now is take steps to protect yourself in the long term.

I would like to work with you over the coming weeks and months to help you prepare for any eventuality.

And I’ll do it by helping you quickly source a regular and substantial extra income.

It will match your skills, available time and financial needs.

It doesn’t matter if you’re currently in full time work – or have your hands full with kids, pets or elderly parents.

You could have an hour a day, 2 hours free, or just weekends.

Whatever spare time you have, there is something for you.


With all this talk of social distancing, self-isolation and countywide lockdown, we will all have a LOT of spare time on our hands.

I am confident that by following the plan I have put together – you could secure an extra net income that will remove any short term and long term money worries the crisis might bring.

In fact…

You could emerge from this crisis better off than you are right now.

Can you benefit from this invitation?

Look, I don’t know your current situation…

You may be retired and want to top up your pension.

You could be in work but want to earn more – or have a fall-back option should things go wrong.

You could be a stay-at-home parent who needs to earn an income while you bring up the kids…

Whatever situation you are in, I can absolutely assure you there is a way you could be making a significant extra income.

And I’d like to prove it…

I’ll connect you to the opportunity
best suited to your situation,
skills, and financial goals

Whether you just want something to bring in extra cash part time… or something to turn into a full time, six figure home-based business, I have the tools, resources and experience to help you:

  • Defend yourself against a sudden drop – or loss – in income
  • Replace the savings income you lose from interest rate cuts
  • Top up your pension if it gets hit.
  • Guarantee your family’s financial security

And here’s how we’re going to do it:

Based on my almost 30 years of direct experience in these matters, I know that everyone has the potential to generate an alternative income stream using the skills, experiences and interests they already have.

You just need to make sure you are following the right path.

Some people are natural eBayers or Amazon sellers.

Others have the ‘right stuff’ it takes to be a financial trader.

Some people love working online.

Others are complete technophobes.

Everyone is different.

And yet you’d be amazed how many people choose to follow opportunities that are completely unsuitable for them.

Worse still, they end up losing money.

Kind of obvious when you think about it, isn’t it?

I’m sure you will agree that right now is definitely NOT the time to be taking unnecessary risks or wasting time or money.

Join me today and the first thing I will give you is The Side Hustle Strength Finder.

By working through the Strength Finder you’ll quickly identify your own key strengths and use that to find the perfect money making match.

No guessing.

No time-wasting time.

And no expensive mistakes.

Once you’ve created your profile you can then find the perfect income source path for you.

Next I’ll send you my very latest research, a directory of over 80 of the best, proven, online and offline extra income ideas.

PLUS each month you will get the What Really Makes Money Report containing the latest tested and proven home-based income-generating opportunities.

This is essential right now as we will be focusing exclusively on opportunities that can be run from home under the most stringent restrictions.

You’ll know exactly what’s involved… the pros and cons… and how much you could REALLY make.

(You’ll be pleased to know that your first report is focused exclusively on proven Emergency Cash methods – simple, quick and reliable ways to make cash on demand without ever leaving your home.)

You’ll also have direct access to the What Really Makes Money archives – this contains HUNDREDS of proven ideas and step-by-step home enterprise plans you can choose from and get started on.

Throughout the next 12 months you get my full ongoing support to help you get it set up.

And if you’re not making good money by this time next year, you won’t lose out.

You can walk away and pay me nothing.

I realise that’s quite a promise.

I could seriously lose out if you took everything I am offering for a year and walked away.

But I don’t care.

My whole career has led to this point and I’m going to make damned sure I rise to the challenge… no matter what.

All I ask in return is a small favour: that you take a risk-free trial subscription to What Really Makes Money – Canonbury Publishing’s flagship title.

It’s my passion project.

I am obsessed with helping people to help themselves – to change their financial situation for the better.

I started What Really Makes Money back in 2003 because there was no independent trustworthy advice on business opportunities in the UK.

Now, as then, there are good and bad options out there – but far too may for most people to have the time or the desire to research, compare and find the one for them.

What Really Makes Money collects together ALL the best money making ideas – and step by step methods – from financial trading and sports betting to online (and offline) selling… traditional work-from-home plans to the very latest internet (yet not techy) enterprises.

The are far too many to mention here. But very soon you will have access to ALL of them… and more as the weeks and months unfold.

And as I said before, I will do EVERYTHING to make sure that you are matched with the opportunity that best suits your precise situation.

Look, to make this work we have to
trust each other from the start

You’ve got to trust me to deliver what I’m about to promise.

And I’ve got to trust that if you join me, you will come with a positive attitude and work ethic.

If you don’t achieve financial peace of mind…
I don’t deserve to get a penny in return

We all have to be careful about how we spend our money right now.

As you know, all I ask in return for giving you access to all the help and resources I have outlined in this invitation is for you to take up a RISK-FREE trial subscription to What Really Makes Money.

That’s why right up front I want you to know that there is a ONE YEAR unconditional money back guarantee.

So in effect, you only have to pay for the ongoing advice if you are absolutely delighted by the results.

I have also made sure that the What Really Makes Money subscription fee is as low as I can make it. After all, this is all about you making a lot of money, not having to spend it!

So here’s what I propose:

You can get everything I have mentioned in the invitation for a whole year for just £97.

That works out at the equivalent of just £1.86 PER WEEK!

I hope you will agree that for the potential financial peace-of-mind, that’s a tiny price to pay.

And remember, you won’t even have to pay that if you decide – at any time in the next 12 months – that you don’t want to continue.

I’m not going ask for a reason or demand proof.

This is all about trust.

Everything I’ve sent you will be yours to keep.

So let me match you up to a new income source based on your personal strengths and situation.

Let me help you set it up, with my ongoing support.

Watch REAL money come in.

And only THEN make a decision about whether my help has made a real and positive difference to your life.

To take me up on my challenge, click on the link below and you can get a ONE YEAR risk-free trial membership of What Really Makes Money.

That includes:

  • FREE: The Side Hustle Strength Finder – this will help you to find the new income source that best suits your time, skills and experience.
  • FREE: Big Book of Side Hustles & Money-Making Gigs – more than 80 of the latest proven, workable part-time money-makers you can run alongside your work and family commitments.
  • FULL ACESSS to the What Really Makes Money archives, which is packed full of hundreds of business blueprints, reviews of the latest opportunities and advice services, video tutorials, recommended resources, shortcuts, tools, swipe files and checklists.
  • MONTHLY REPORT – all my updates and insights go into a privately circulated subscription-only report. Posted to you each month it is crammed full of my reviews, advice, and plans you can take and use immediately.
  • FULL SUPPORT – you’ll get my ongoing support, so that you can ask me questions and get my help whenever you need it.
  • WEEKLY UPDATES – I’ll also email you weekly ideas for running your side hustle, including psychological, organisational and motivational advice, as well as reviews and analysis of new opportunities.

But please, don’t waste another moment.

The stakes are too high for missing out.

It’s time for you to decide

Each and every one of us faces an unknown future.

We are entering months – perhaps years – of uncertainty.

Anything could happen.

But I can help you to have more certainty in one important area of your life.

I’ll do whatever you can to secure your financial future in a world heading for crisis.

This isn’t just about making money just to have the nice things in life…

This is all about survival – protecting all that we hold dear.

It’s what you do TODAY that could have the greatest impact on your life.

So let’s work together!

Join for a risk-free trial of What Really Makes Money today and I’ll help you to set up an income you can rely on, whatever happens.


Nick Laight
What Really Makes Money