How DIY Could Be A Simple, Small Home Business Opp

You might not know it, but if you have decent DIY skills you’ve got the skills you need to start and run a successful business! There are lots of ways to make money from DIY …. if you know how.

Here are just a few of our favourite ideas for ways you could turn your DIY skills into money with a simple small DIY business.

  • Odd jobs, repairs and maintenance. Almost every household has a list of small DIY jobs that need doing – but which never get tackled, or which no one knows how to do. Everything from fixing a dripping tap to that broken door handle.
  • Painting and decorating. If you’re handy with a brush and a roll of wallpaper you could turn this into the perfect small business. You can do indoors or outdoors or both.
  • To make easy extra profits – get a card for a trade warehouse and supply the paint and wallpaper to your customer too. Add a mark-up. Even offer your advice on colour schemes if you’re knowledgeable about interior design trends.
  • Kitchen refurbishments. Offer a service refurbishing tired kitchens by fitting brand new doors and draw fronts to the existing cabinets. All this service calls for is careful measuring of the old doors/drawers then a bit of nifty work with a screwdriver. There are trade suppliers who can supply new doors/drawer fronts made to order in a variety of modern finishes.
  • Flat pack assembly. This is perfect for offering to people who’ve bought that perfect piece from Ikea (or wherever) but haven’t the time or the nous to put it together. You need only basic tools in most cases – plus a little patience and a willingness to read the instructions before you start!
  • Furniture repair. Almost every home has some – from that broken drawer, to a wonky table or chair. You could even do simple reupholstery or French polishing if you have the skills (or take a course).
  • Curtain and blind hanging. This is another DIY job that many householders absolutely hate doing – or just can’t do at all. Professional curtain and blind shops can be expensive so a service fitting customers’ own curtains and blinds for them could be ideal.

Just a couple of points about offering a DIY service. You shouldn’t attempt any work that involves a safety risk, unless you’re qualified to do it. So you might need to politely turn down any gas or electrical work for example, or anything that involves structural work or climbing such as roof repairs.

If your skills could do with a brush-up …. check what courses are on offer at your local further education college. They often have part time, evening or weekend courses teaching DIY type skills at very reasonable fees. There are commercial DIY courses out there too, but they often work out more expensive.

How would you get business? Long term you should get plenty of repeat and recommendation business for your DIY service. Short term, you might need to do a little advertising. But there are lots of low cost methods you can try. You wouldn’t even need a website for this one as it’s a mainly local business only.

Here are some methods to try: Google Places. Maybe even a Facebook page. Free classified advertising sites, or Gumtree. Local press advertising. Local advertising magazines. Shop window cards and posters. Door to door leaflets.

What could you charge? The best way to charge for this kind of service isn’t the obvious one – an hourly rate. This way you could earn up earning not much more than a paid employee. Instead, charge a lump sum price for the job. Ring round some similar and competing services in your area to get an idea of the going rate.

Remember, allow for the costs of materials on top when giving a quote. If you open a trade account with suppliers then you’ll be able to get a trade discount. Then, if you charge list price to your customers you’ll be able to boost your profits on every job …. for no extra work!