If you’re looking for a biz opp you need to know what’s up and coming at the moment. Here’s what our experts and researchers recommend you take a closer look at right now…

* Second hand/used goods. The slump means people are more willing – or can only afford – to buy used goods, whilst others are more likely to sell off their used goods than bin them.

It’s a simple buy-sell opportunity. Buy in the cheapest places (like from small ads) and sell off in bigger, higher paying markets (like on eBay).

* Importing. Importing is easier to do than ever before. Rules and regulations have never been less of a problem. And you can import almost anything for a fraction of the UK wholesale price.

Using import directory sites – like Alibaba.com, DHGate.com and EC21.com – makes importing almost as easy as buying from your local cash and carry, but cheaper! Great for eBayers and Amazon sellers.

* Home care services. The aging population, move towards caring for people at home and local authority cuts means rising demand for private home care services. It’s something you can get involved in relatively simply – by establishing a home care agency.

* Crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a new idea where a number of individuals (anything from a handful to a few thousand) come together to pool their resources and invest in biz opps. Crowdfunding can be both a way to finance your new biz opp without using a bank, or a way to invest your money for a return.

Crowdfunding platforms – like Crowdcube.com and FundingCircle.com – make finding investors or projects to invest in relatively simple.

* 3D printing. 3D printing is based on the principle that every 3D object is basically lots of 2D ‘slices’ stuck together. So if you print lots of 2D slices, the same way as with 2D printing, and stick them together you’ll end up with a 3D object. Now that 3D printing equipment is relatively cheap you could be exploiting what’s sure to be fast growth in the uses for 3D printed items – everything from gifts and novelties to spare parts and industrial components.

* Energy saving products and services. Rising utility bills and government energy saving schemes means this is set to be a £50+ billion market within seven years. Ways to get involved include selling products and services, or setting up as an energy saving adviser or consultant.

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