If you want to make some extra money working from home then writing could be a very good way to do it. All you need is a PC or even just a pen. You don’t need to be a budding Emily Bronte or have any special writing skills, as some of the shortest, simplest snippets can make the most money.

Earn Extra Money Working From Home With Just a Pen and a PC!

Here are a few ideas for making money from writing:

Make Money Writing Letters To The Editor

This is a really easy way to get started. Almost anyone can do it. Many newspapers and magazines print letters to the editor and pay anything from £5 to £100 for those they publish.

But here’s what you need to know: The letters most likely to be paid for aren’t letters to the editor as such. They’re letters readers will find useful and interesting.

Tip: Women’s magazines are probably the best buyers of letters to the editor.

Make Money Writing Filler Paragraphs

Most newspapers and magazines buy filler paragraphs – the idea being to literally fill up gaps in the columns.

To get started, look at your favourite newspapers and magazines. Look at the news stories, articles and features they run. Think up some ideas for filler paragraphs that would fit nicely into that content.

Tip. Hobbies and interests often make great subjects for short filler paragraphs (just write about what you know!)

Another Tip. Filler paragraphs are not a place to develop your ideas. They need to be pithy and concise. About 50 to 200 words maximum is usually about right.

Make Money From Blogging

Blogs (or web logs as they’re also known) are basically just online journals or diaries. If you can write a diary you can write a blog… but actually make money from it.

But, while you can just make your blog a diary-style ‘what I did today’ account it’s not the best subject if you want to make money. To pull in a commercially-viable readership a blog needs to be focussed on a specific subject, a subject that people want to know about and want to buy related products or services. Again, hobbies and interests are good – but subjects like entertainment, sport, culture, politics, celeb gossip, technology and travel are amongst the top best-selling subjects for blogs.

More Info. For more information on actually setting up your blog for FREE and making money from it here’s a handy article.

Make Money Writing Reviews

Reviews are big news on the Internet nowadays. Millions of people worldwide check out reviews before buying anything, from books to travel and electronics, or before going out for a meal or to the cinema.

Here’s a simple way to make money from writing your own reviews of whatever you like. Squidoo (http://www.squidoo.com) is a platform that makes it easy for you to write and publish your own reviews. Then you can earn an affiliate income from them by recommending products and services on Amazon, eBay or through other affiliate schemes including Google. It’s free to use, and you can also make money for charity if you wish.

Make Money Writing Verse For Greetings Cards

Thousands and thousands of new greetings cards are published every year. And they all need copy – everything from a thoughtful comment for the front of the card to a heartfelt rhyme to go inside. Many greetings cards publishers are short of ideas of their own and buy writing from freelance writers.

First of all, forget the ideas that greeting card verse is Shakespearean prose. It isn’t. It’s mostly just everyday speech which puts over a short, simple and thoughtful message in everyday language.

Tip. Before you start putting pen to paper spend an afternoon going round your local card shops. Study the kind of verse that’s already being published and come up with something original but similar – with greetings card verse you really don’t need to be too different.