What is StubHub!… and could you make extra money using the latest eBay service ?

You don’t need me to tell you that eBay has literally revolutionised the business of buying and selling. In fact, it’s transformed buying and selling into a business opportunity that is available to almost anyone.

But now there is another newish service from an eBay company called StubHub! It promises to be another very successful online marketplace and it could, potentially, be a very exciting biz opp too. In this report I’ll look at StubHub! and how it works.

So what is StubHub!?

StubHub! is an online marketplace that allows ordinary people, not just businesses, to buy and sell tickets.

The tickets are for all kinds of events …. music concerts, comedy and theatre and just about any kind of sport you can name (except some football matches).

With StubHub! if you have tickets to sell you can list them on the site and ask whatever price you like –it’s free to list. Buyers can search for the tickets they want and order them through the site.

StubHub! has a seating plan for just about every event imaginable, so it makes buying and selling tickets very straightforward. Better still, they even guarantee the transaction for both the buyer and the seller.

As well as being very convenient that offers an interesting opportunity to entrepreneurs. With a bit of know-how you could source tickets cheaply in advance. Then sell them for more to eager buyers. As you’ll know if you’ve ever tried to source a ticket for a big theatre production or sporting event they can sell for loads over face value if the event is popular.

I know it all sounds a bit like ticket touting. But, quite honestly, I think it’s really commendable attempt by eBay to clean up a sector that has often been thought of as dodgy in the past and turn it into a commercial opportunity. It also safeguards buyers from the scourge of forged tickets. And that opens up an opportunity for entrepreneurs to make an honest profit simply by linking up supply and demand.

Here are a few possibilities:

  • Buy up tickets well in advance, when they’re available at face value or even less
  • Sell in the days before the event when there’s often a surge in demand and people will pay much more.
  • Use local sources, such as newspapers and classified ads. to buy cheap, unwanted tickets and sell nationally on StubHub!
  • Use StubHub! to buy up cheap tickets, then sell them for more elsewhere.

With StubHub! you can buy and sell tickets using a mobile phone. So it’s a sideline opportunity you could even run from your phone too.

Buying and selling tickets for profit does of course involve an element of risk. You can’t guarantee that you’ll sell a ticket you buy for a profit before the event happens. But if you’re interested in buying and selling– and are willing to keep an eye on the tickets market – it really could offer opportunities to buy low and sell high.

I ought to mention that StubHub! is still fairly new in the UK. So it’s difficult to say how well it might work, and how much money you could make from it. But if you’re interested in an eBay-type opportunity with a difference I think it’s well worth keeping an eye on.

More details here: www.stubhub.co.uk