Make Money From Annoying People

Make Money for Annoying PeopleWhat really annoys you?

No, not the unfathomable success of Justin Bieber.

I mean what REALLY gets you angry about modern life?

I’ll tell you what gets my goat (in no particular order):

* Charity Muggers (Chuggers) – you know those people who wander the high streets of Britain trying to get your bank details for a good cause
* Self service machines in supermarkets that don’t work properly
* Those automated telemarketing messages
* Abandoned shopping trolleys
* Text speak
* Using speaker phones in public areas
* The ‘tsht tsht tsht’ noise of people wearing headphones on the bus
* When people don’t say thank you when I open the door for them (I always stage whisper ‘You’re welcome!’ as they walk away)
* When you open the DVD case and it’s empty or a different movie is in it
* People who use Caps Lock in text or in email making it look like THEY ARE SHOUTING AT ME!
I must stop there, as I am actually stating to enjoy this a bit too much.

But there is a method to my rant.

I saw an amazing story on the BBC news website about a very frustrated retired IT manager who had compiled a list of call centre menu sequences to reduce the time (and frustration) it takes to get through to the service or department you want.

He’s even taken it a step further and created a website

A couple of things jumped out at me….

First off, it just reinforced one of the most basic rules of making money – identify a common problem and solve it. And this is a perfect example of someone who has taken his own day-to-day frustrations and come up with a simple but effective solution.

I’m not suggesting you invent an anti-chugger device or remote controlled  headphone remover…

But have a think about things that annoy you… could you come up with a solution? Is there a gap in the market? Could you create a blog, ebook, app or even a piece of simple software around it?

The brilliant thing about basing a business idea around an annoying problem is it is fed by powerful emotions.

And as we all know (probably from personal experience) we are often moved to action and purchase based on emotions and feeling and not logic or reason.  I mean, come on, who in their right mind would pay £6,000 for a handbag or £50,000 for a watch when you could get one that looks just as good and does the job for a tenth or even one hundredth of the price.

And there’s another thing (oh dear, I’m getting all annoyed again!)

While the content might be first class on he’s not got an obvious strategy for making money from it. If this is a purely altruistic project, then fair play to the guy. But even then, he is missing a trick with all that potential traffic that must be coming his way now that his story has broken the national (and international) media.

I am sure that after his site got a plug via the BBC his traffic would soar and ultimately a lot of people who start using his website to get the numbers they need.

At the very least I would be capturing emails of anyone visiting in return for alerting them every time the numbers were updated. He could then use that database to share other consumer-related tips and advice.

I mean, just look at the incredibly annoying but super smart Martin Lewis’ Money Saving Expert site – that business sold for tens of millions recently and that too plays on the deeply held and emotional beliefs of consumers wishing to save money.

So your homework for this weekend is to give yourself permission to be really grumpy and look out for those little annoying things about modern life.

They just might turn into something with money-making potential…

And yes, please do let me know what you find annoying!


2 Responses to Make Money From Annoying People

  1. Christine Cyrus Reply

    August 4, 2014 at 3:21 pm

    Big time annoyance – People with huge backpacks on their backs on crowded tube trains, especially when you’re trying to get off the train and someone’s backpack is in your way.

    They get in the flipping way big time. GGRRRRR!

  2. Nick Laight Reply

    August 4, 2014 at 3:41 pm

    Unfortunately I can’t think of any money-making angle, so maybe take the bus during peak tourist season? 😉

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