When the sun comes out, everything changes.

Just those few degrees make all the difference. People are smiling . . . thoughts turn to holidays . . . lighter evenings.

Here at Canonbury offices, we have the windows open listening to some wonderful old ska and rock steady records.

Hey, for a moment it’s almost possible to forget that we are in the middle of the worst economic crisis since the 1930s!

Keeping those sunny thoughts, and with the weekend ahead of us, I thought I’d give you a special treat. You see, I am just compiling a new book that will be released nationally next month. It details over 50 mini money-making blueprints that are perfect for these tough times.

Now, as you are a loyal reader, I’ve decided to drip feed you some of the choicest ideas to make money. Oh and when the book does get published I’ll be offering it to all readers at a ridiculously low price.

So to whet your appetite and get you motivated to try something different this weekend, here’s a mini plan for Sunday Market money-spinning.

How Sunday Markets are a great money-making idea

Ideally, we’d all like a lazy day off on a Sunday. But right now, if you need some extra cash, this is a way you could turn your spare time on a Sunday into a few hundred …. or even a few thousand …. by selling at Sunday markets.

There are a few good reasons Sunday markets are worth considering: First, it’s an ideal part time, sideline opportunity – it won’t interfere with your weekday income. It’s really great for the current economic climate too. Because low market trading overheads mean you can sell your stuff at realistic prices and still make a good profit margin. Customers are looking for value for money right now, and markets deliver that by the bucket load.

And it’s easy and cheap to start. Got a day free on Sundays, a car or van, a little bit of capital (from about £100)? Well, let’s get going – you can be up and running and making money from Sunday markets in a couple of weeks.

Choosing The Best Things To Sell

Here’s what you need to know about Sunday markets: People buy different things on a Sunday. More luxuries and impulse buys than daily necessities like in ordinary markets. Here are some great ideas:

* Fashion. Niche fashions. Designer clothes. Vintage clothing. Accessories. Shoes. Handbags. Silk ties. Children’s and baby designer wear. Hats.

* Books. Old books. New books. Collectable books. Rare books.

* Music. Vinyl records. CD’s. DVD’s. Rare and specialist music.

* Food. Locally produced foodstuffs sourced from local farmers and suppliers. Organic food. Whole food. Vegetarian, vegan and other special diets. Herbs and spices. Foods of the world.

* Collectables. Stamps. Coins. Paper ephemera. Clocks. Medals. Postcards. Photography.

* Antiques and reproductions. Glass. Silver. China. Brass. Gold. Pottery. Occasional furniture.

* Jewellery. Hand made jewellery. Costume jewellery. Necklaces. Pendants. Rings. Bangles. Bracelets. Body jewellery.

* Gifts. Greetings cards. Gift wrap. Confectionery. Toys. Pens. Watches. Toiletries.

* Cosmetics. Natural cosmetics. Hypoallergenic products. Ethical products.

* Arts and crafts. Paintings. Prints. Sketches. Sculpture. Wood and metal craft. Candles. Leather goods. Textiles. Models. Ceramics.

* Ethical and fair trade items. Clothing. Furnishings. Food.

* Home design and decor. Soft furnishings. Linens. Lighting. Textiles. Ornaments. Pottery.

* Garden. Plants. Seeds. Bulbs. Shrubs. Tools. Garden ornaments

* Used goods. Sure to be a good product line at the moment – but make sure they are good quality if you want to get good prices.

Getting Stock For Your Stall

Cash and carry wholesalers are your best bet here. You can buy in smallish quantities. Nowadays a lot of them even have websites where you can browse and buy and get your stock delivered to your door, so you don’t even have to visit them. To find wholesalers, have a look in your local ‘Yellow Pages’ – or join up to the Secret Source Finder subscription website at http://www.secretsourcefinder.com. There are hundreds of wholesalers and suppliers with detailed listings of what they sell on there.

Choosing The Best Sunday Markets

Ask relatives, friends, neighbours and work colleagues if they can recommend any. Next, scour the small ads. in the local papers and do an Internet search to see what’s available. Draw up a shortlist. You can do the same Sunday market every week, or mix and match with different ones.

Good Tip: Do NOT take a stall at a Sunday market without checking it out first in person. Make sure it is well attended and that the stallholders are doing good business.

Getting The Best Pitch

A bit of horse trading might be needed to make sure you get the best stall, or pitch as they’re known. Privately-run markets tend to be a bit more easy going than council ones. Some Sunday markets restrict stalls so that there will never be more than one or two stallholders selling the same thing. Generally, it’s great to be the second stallholder – because there’ll already be an established trade for whatever it is.

Be ready to negotiate on the position of your stall. Positions near the entrance are always best. That way, you get first dabs at buyers’ cash before they spend it elsewhere. At the best and busiest Sunday markets you might have to go along as a casual trader first and queue up for stalls on a ‘first come first served’ basis. Once you’ve got your stall established you will be in a better position to get the best pitches.

Sunday Market Trading Tips

* If it looks good, it will sell well. Display is everything. Just look at the beautiful displays of fruit and veg on traditional markets. The same applies whatever product you’re selling. If it looks, smells and even just feels good people are more likely to buy.

* Encourage people to touch. Don’t display your prices too obviously. Put them on the back of goods. If people have to pick things up to see the prices they are more likely to buy them. Sneaky but true.

* Talk to your customers! Remember Sunday shopping is very much a leisure activity. If you engage with people they are more likely to come back and buy from you again.

More Information

Find A Market

This is a must-see site for tracking down Sunday markets.
Website: http://www.findamarket.net

Secret Source Finder

Website: http://www.secretsourcefinder.com/

Direct Gov

This official government website has links to every local council where you can find out about venues.


National Market Traders Federation

The NMTF site has a searchable database of markets, also lots of free useful information and advice.
Website: http://www.nmtf.co.uk