As you’ll probably know a high proportion of the world’s consumer goods are made in China. That means they can manufacture in massive quantities, at the lowest possible unit prices – so, low you just don’t know how they manage to do it for the price!

It seems impossible but it’s not. But a lot of the things we buy here for pounds are manufactured in China for pennies. That’s a great buy-sell opportunity if ever there was one.

Here’s the sort of thing I mean: Digital cameras for £5 a shot. (RRP £40?) Digital camcorders from £12 a time. (RRP £100?) Designer quality handbags from £1.50 a time. (RRP £40?) Mountain bikes from £11. (RRP £65?) Mice (the computer type) for 30p. (RRP £5?) Laptop chargers for 75p. (RRP £15?) Flash drives for 90p. (RRP £8?) Inkjet printers for £3. (RRP £30?) Fashion T-shirts for 45p. (RRP £4?) Hats for 60p. (RRP £12?) Belts for 62p. (RRP £7?) Trainers for £1. (RRP £12?) Suits for £12. (RRP £50?) Kettles, toasters, electric razors, toothbrushes and all kinds of other small electrical appliances for £2ish. (RRP £15-£30?)

Importing From China

OK so it’s not always that straightforward. Sourcing from China needs a bit of time and effort, but, get it right and it can be the best Chinese takeaway ever!

The problem in accessing these kinds of crazy (but true) prices can be finding the right China suppliers. And not only that but reliable ones – who speak English, deliver on time and won’t try to scam you.

Well, I’ve got a great source for you here! If you’d like to know where I found all the prices above (and lots more similar) try this website: Made In China at It’s basically a portal site. In other words a directory of hundreds of China manufacturers, wholesalers and exporters supplying all kinds of ready resalable consumer goods.

It’s very easy to use. Just tap in the product you are looking for and you’ll be put in touch with sources of it.

Best of all it’s mostly free to use too. It’s ideal if you’re eBaying, doing mail order or running a stall or shop. (Many of the suppliers on there are willing to supply small quantities – you won’t be expected to order a ship load!)

Here are the types of goods you can source through them:

Agriculture & Food. Apparel & Accessories. Arts & Crafts. Auto Parts & Accessories. Bags. Cases & Boxes. Chemicals. Computer Products. Construction & Decoration. Consumer Electronics. Electrical & Electronics. Furniture & Furnishing.

Health & Medicine. Industrial Equipment & Components. Instruments & Meters.

Light Industry & Daily Use. Lights & Lighting. Manufacturing & Processing Machinery. Metallurgy, Mineral & Energy. Office Supplies. Security & Protection.

Services. Sporting Goods & Recreation. Textile. Tools & Hardware. Toys. Transportation.

You can also post details of products you want to source from China and wait for suppliers to get in touch with you if you’d prefer to do it that way.

Made In China is well worth taking a browse through if you want to discover some amazing buy-sell opportunities. Just one thing… you need to add taxes and shipping costs to the factory gate prices that Chinese suppliers give you, including the prices I’ve quoted above.

For more expert secret sourcing techniques plus listings of wholesalers, import sources, manufacturers, distributors and many more sources What Biz Opp recommends The Source Report. [LINK:]