Try not to be jealous. But this week I’m not actually in the grey, cold, rainy, miserable UK. I’m sunning myself in the beautiful Canary Islands. (Yes, the weather’s lovely, thank you very much for asking!)

And best of all, I’m not actually paying for my trip! It’s all expenses paid …. well I might have to put my hand in my pocket for a few beers. What an outrage!

As I’ve mentioned before, a really exciting way to make money is from travel writing and writing associated to travel. And, of course, to get free holidays too!

I have to admit it takes a few years to become a well-paid travel writer. I’ve been at it a few years now. But this week I want to tell you about a way YOU can start out on the road to becoming a travel writer and make a decent sideline from your writing right now.

Make money from travel writing

This could be a perfect way of making some pocket money for your holidays this year.

It’s called Because it was started by Simon Nixon – the guy behind the hugely successful Moneysupermarket apparently.

Simonseeks says it is the world’s first website to offer comprehensive, up to date information and independent advice for travellers across a range of destinations.

Their experts – many of them award-winning guidebook writers and travel journalists – now cover more than a hundred key cities and resorts around the world. The experts have written detailed reviews of their favourite hotels and restaurants, as well as giving invaluable advice on attractions, shopping, beaches, nightlife, and insider tips to save you money and make sure you have the best time on holiday.

Experts check that information constantly. Unlike a guidebook, which is often out of date within weeks of publication, you can be sure that the advice from Experts is bang up-to-the-minute.

There are two ways you could make some money with Simonseeks

Firstly, because the list of destinations they cover is growing all the time they are always on the look out for new Experts. If you live in or know a popular destination really well, and in particular the hotels and restaurants, and would like to earn money by being a Simonseeks Expert, you can get in touch with them here.

Now to an easier way to make money from travel

Simonseeks have also published over two thousand of what they call Community Guides. They are by amateur writers as well as professionals. And, so they tell me, they are always looking for new writers who can write with passion, enthusiasm and first hand knowledge.

You don’t need to be an established travel writer to do this. What’s more important is your knowledge of a destination and particularly, knowledge of hotels and other accommodation there. If you have a favourite holiday place this could be absolutely perfect for you!

Payment for Community Guides is by way of 50-50 sales commission and revenue sharing rather than a fixed fee. In other words, the more people read your guide and buy the products and services that are promoted the more money you will earn. (This can be a really good way of making money from writing about anything. Because, once you’ve done the leg work, all you need to do is keep things up to date and the revenue can come rolling in year after year.)

If you’re interested in making some money with Simonseeks in this way see here ( for more details.

As ever, read the guidelines for contributors carefully before you send anything.

Apparently, although you might not have heard of Simonseeks before they’re about to roll out national TV advertising so they could soon become a household name in the world of travel websites. So, it could be a great time to get started working with them.

By the way, if you’re too idle (and I’m certainly feeling very idle this week from sitting around the pool!) to actually get started writing for Simonseeks then I can thoroughly recommend them if you’re planning your own holidays at the moment. There are some great expert reviews and insights on there – things you might not find out anywhere else. For example, did you know there’s a Cat Museum in Amsterdam? Honestly! I just can’t wait to book my tickets.

Do give Simonseeks a look and let me know what you think: