One of the biggest worries in the biz opp world is falling victim to a scam and losing your money as a result. In reality, there are relatively few biz opp scams out there but it’s always sensible to be on your guard when considering a new business opportunity.

Is That Opportunity A Scam?

Here are five simple questions you should ask yourself when considering a business opportunity package:

1. Do you know and trust the publisher?

Scam opportunity publishers don’t last for long. They usually make their money by setting up, hitting the market hard for a few weeks, and then disappearing. Then they resurface months later under another new name.

If the publisher has been around for a few years then it’s a fairly good sign they’re reputable.

2. Is there a trial period?

Genuine publishers not only offer a trial or inspection period for their products, but actually promote it in their literature. It’s shows that they’re so confident in their product that very few genuine buyers will want a refund.

If there isn’t a trial period/refund offer then ask yourself – why not?

3. Can you pay by credit card?

Being able to pay by credit card can offer an extra layer of protection, in case the package turns out to be a scam. Or even if, for some reason, it doesn’t turn up at all. Plus, scam sellers often aren’t able to obtain credit card merchant accounts either.

4. Can you get in contact?

Check to see if the publisher has made their contact details freely available. Scammers usually don’t want you to be able to contact them – for obvious reasons. There should be at least an email address – and a landline telephone number and/or a postal street address is even better.

For extra reassurance you can always make a quick enquiry by email or phone – even if there’s nothing you want to know as such. If the seller deals with the enquiry attentively it’s a good sign.

5. Does it sound too good to be true?

At the end of the day this is the real acid test of any opportunity product. If the product being offered sounds too good to be true – if it offers ‘massive returns’ for ‘no hard work’ (or something similar) – if it really does sound ‘pie in the sky’ – you really ought to be suspicious.

If, on the other hand, the product or service you’ll be selling sounds sensible – if it is something that lots of people will want and buy – it could be something worth taking further.

Your own common sense can be the very best way of helping you stay safe from biz opp scams!

One more tip. Remember that you can check our Reviews Library to see if we’ve published a review on the opportunity you’re considering.