Here are some great hot product ideas to consider right now. If you’re looking for ideas for products to sell on eBay, sell on Amazon, sell online from your own website, by mail order, or at car boot sales these ideas could be big sellers and very profitable.

One of the secrets of selling successfully is to sell the right product at the right time. When motivated buyers are searching for it and eager to buy. And spring time offers lots of exciting opportunities to sell to these motivated buyers. Here are five hot product ideas worth looking into this spring:n

* Camping equipment. Easter is traditionally the start of the camping and caravanning season. There are about 1.2 million regular campers and 1 million regular caravanners in the UK. Products they need include: Tents and accessories. Sleeping bags and bedding. Kitchen and cooking equipment. Washing equipment. Clothing. Lighting equipment. Lightweight furniture. Towing equipment. And don’t forget… the music festival season is not far away and this is another massive source of customers.

* Walking-related products. Often overlooked, this is an absolutely massive hobby. According to the Ramblers Charity, 9.1 million people in England go walking regularly. They’ll be looking for a huge range of products including: Footwear. Clothing. Rucksacks. Books. Maps. Survival and safety gear. Navigation equipment, including GPS.

Also, don’t forget to look at the opportunities for selling products into closely related hobbies, like hiking, caving/potholing, rock climbing and biking, which offer opportunities to sell hundreds more products. Here’s an article you might find interesting:

Business Opportunity Idea: Cash In On The Biking Boom

* Garden products. With more than 18.5 million gardeners in the UK and an average spend over £2,000 million a year on plants and gardening products gardening is one of the UK’s most popular pastimes. The market’s so big it might be best to choose a sector of it to focus on. Here are some ideas: Seeds and bulbs. Live plants. Shrubs. Pond supplies. Garden furniture. Garden novelties. Garden lighting. Tools and accessories. Fertilisers and chemicals. Indoor gardening. Barbecue equipment. Garden products for birds and pets.

* Holiday accessories. Around 90 million people take a holiday each year in the UK. (Yes, that means some lucky people get to go on more than one holiday.) Spring time is a peak time for booking, so it most likely means people will start shopping for their holidays now too. Here are a few ideas for products you can sell: Clothing – leisure, sports, swimming etc. Sunglasses. Sun care products and cosmetics. Luggage. Sports equipment. Travel accessories like plugs, irons, kettles, insect repellent devices. Books, guides and maps.

* Home improvements. Spring is actually the busiest time of the year for DIY, and the three spring time bank holidays (Easter, May Day and Spring Bank Holiday) represent a massive peak in demand for sellers. One survey said that 98% of men and 88% of women surveyed say they do some DIY. Here are some ideas for products you could sell into this huge market: Power tools. Small tools. Hardware and fixings. Wallpapers and paints. Adhesives and sealants. DIY gadgets. Plumbing equipment. Electrical equipment. Flooring accessories. Bathroom fittings and accessories. Kitchen fittings and accessories. Energy saving/insulation products.

Where to find hot product ideas:

You can source all of these products from manufacturers, distributors, importers, wholesalers, auctions, bankrupt and surplus stock suppliers – and by importing them directly yourself from low cost suppliers overseas.

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