Here at What Biz Opp we’re always interested to hear your real life business success stories, especially if they’ve been inspired by our website. In this report Chief Bus. Opp. Researcher Mark Hempshell talks to Kirsty Walsh about the business she’s involved with, FM Cosmetics.

What is your business called and what does it involve?

“The opportunity is network marketing for a company called FM Cosmetics. There are two sides of the business – selling and team building. You can do both, or maybe just one – it’s totally up to you. I started off selling perfumes, aftershaves, make-up and spa products to friends, family, online networks and beauty clients.”

What made you want to start this business in the first place?

“I already had an established company, and was told that I could run it along side –without taking up too much extra time. As a beautician I was already pretty experienced in the cosmetics trade and from trying out samples I could see that FM products were of very high quality.”

Approximately how much money is it possible to make from this opportunity?

“It’s hard to say really. As with any own business the amount you earn is all dependent on how much time you put into it. I have been very successful with the company, and after only four months I’m earning around £2,000 per month. There are people in the company that are earning £5,000 per month. The average seller will make around £75 a week. The good sellers make around £200 a week. The very good sellers can make £500 a week.”

“Most team leaders earn from £200-£1,500 per week – however it all depends on how big your business has grown. The commission is uncapped and there are no targets to hit.”

“It is realistic to earn a free holiday after 12 months in the company. And team leaders can realistically earn themselves a car – after about six months after recruiting 100 people.”

Who do you think this opportunity would be most suitable for?

“Absolutely anyone! There are a huge variety of people on my team. I have a retired lady. I have a mother of four with young babies. I have a beautician. I have a hairdresser. I have a lollypop lady! I have a nurse. I have an airhostess. I have a young student. I have a lady who likes to raise money for a charity close to her heart. I have a police woman and I even have a teacher, who likes to build his business during the holidays to keep him busy!”

“You don’t need any experience in network marketing or sales. My top seller has never done anything like this before, and earns £2,000 a month, whilst spending time with her children!”

If you would like to know more about FM Cosmetics you can contact Kirsty Direct:

Tel. 07846 290962


Website: FM Cosmetics

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