This could be the site to try if you hate eBay …. or if you want to expand your eBay business

So OK, everybody knows that eBay is a good place to buy, sell and make some money. But it’s easy to be cynical about it. There are so many sellers in some categories so prices are driven low, so not so good if you’re selling. Then there are, to put it politely ‘problem’ buyers.

Having said that the idea of online auctions is a fantastic one and a classic money making idea. So what other online auction sites are there, that might have different pros and cons to them?

Are there any sites that could be much more lucrative than eBay?

Here’s one to take a look at: CQout (pronounced ‘Seek You Out’) is an online auction company which is based in the UK but already trades right around the world.

CQout was launched in 1999 but, chances are you’ve never heard of it. (Apparently they prefer not to promote themselves aggressively.) But by number of items listed, CQout is the UK’s second largest online auction website listing almost a million items.
One thing that makes it particularly appealing to new and small businesses is that listing items for auction on CQout is free in order to offer its sellers a ‘no sale, no fee’ service. A proportion of the final selling price for each item sold via the CQout website is taken as an alternative to charging listing fees. This commission is payable by the seller only on the formation of a contract of sale.
You can offer anything for sale on CQout but it is particularly strong on computer software and hardware, consumer electronics, household appliances and collectibles to toys and sports equipment etc.

These are their main categories: Arts and Antiques. Baby and Toddler. Books, Comics, Magazines. Collectables. Consumer Electronics. Computer Hardware. Computer Software. Crafts, Arts and Hobbies. Fancy Dress and Party Supplies. Fashion, Clothing and Shoes. Films and Video. Health and Beauty. House and Garden. Jewellery And Watches. Motoring. Movie Memorabilia. Music. Office Equipment and Supplies. Photographic Equipment. Sports and Recreation. Stamps. Tickets, Seats, Travel and Holidays. Tools, Hardware and DIY. Toys, Models and Games. Video and PC Gaming, Consoles. X-Rated/Adult. Wholesale, Business and Industrial.

I’ve had a look through some of their categories and although some of them aren’t anything like as good as eBay there are some really good little niches, featuring some interesting and unusual products. With a little work I reckon you could build a nice little sideline business round CQout.

Why not tale a look. CQout at