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Yippee! Here’s an eBay opportunity that doesn’t rely on you flogging stuff you find in the garage! I was blown away by what Amanda O’Brien was doing and wanted to give it the thumbs up. Seriously, if you’ve tried (and failed) to make money from eBay or just wish you could find a simple way to make money on eBay, then check this out.

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Which of these 4 secret trading strategies would you like to try out?

You know the one about waiting for a bus . . . you stand around for ages and then 3 turn up all at once. Well I feel a bit like that right now with some exciting new financial trading systems.

In fact I have 4! As ever I am releasing them to serious beta testers first. I have done a lot of due diligence on these (probably more than ever before). Rather than send out 4 different emails I thought it would be far more efficient to give you the choice.

But there’s a bit of a problem – as BT have yet to bless me with an internet connection at home, my current HQ is Café Nero in Tenterden, Kent. Now if you are a local and see me bashing away at a laptop keyboard very hard, probably best to steer clear. If I am sipping on a 4 shot cappuccino, with a smile on my face do say hi! 😉

Right, the upshot is, as I can’t spend the whole day in the coffee shop, I haven’t been able to create individual sign up pages for each of the trading systems. So here’s what I propose. I’ll get this sorted for next week, but in the meantime I’ll give you a brief outline of the systems so you know which one appeals to you most in advance.

Which of these 4 trading systems appeal to you most?

1. Gold Buster – it’s taken a long time to arrive, but it’s worth the wait. Roxanne Cross has finally handed over the draft of her Gold Buster strategy and it’s an absolute cracker.

What makes trading the gold markets so attractive is the fact that it is less volatile – it’s a very steady market to trade, once a trend is established it is more likely to continue that trend. Other more volatile markets tend to whipsaw, they will retrace and potentially trigger a stop loss and close your trade. But Gold is in many ways a lot more predictable and so easier to trade (and causes fewer sleepless nights!)

But just because it is steady, doesn’t mean it’s not exciting. Early indications with Roxy’s Gold Buster strategy show individual trades of 30 or 40 points are possible.

2. ATM FX – this one is cloaked in secrecy so I can’t tell you who is behind this, but it’s a very well-known trader with an exceptional track record in delivering hugely profitable trading systems.

This is a very simple to use FX strategy – using just 4 simple indicators. Presented for the complete newbie (but still powerful enough for the more seasoned trader looking for a bit of fun on the side), this is a cracking system that I am sure will make a lot of frustrated FX traders very happy.

3. Fixed Odds Profits – this comes from the very nice chaps over at They have pulled together their experience with using financial fixed odds trading and built a course which offers a proven strategy for placing winning trades – in fact it made them £1020 TAX-free profit in the last few weeks!

What is fixed odds? I’m sure you are familiar with sports betting. Say you put a bet on a certain outcome. The bookie provides you with odds (e.g.: 2/1, 10/1, 20/1). And if you bet £10 at 2/1 – you know the maximum you have to lose (£10) and the maximum you get to win £20 + your stake back. Well, now you can make similar bets on the financial markets, through brokers like

The Citybeater boys already have this strategy available and I was so impressed with it I have decided to team up with them.

4. The Really Simple Trading System – I was recently approached by another well-known and highly respected trading trainer. I can’t say who yet, but he has an impeccable track record and lives and breathes trading.

I asked him to come up with something simple to use, that had the flexibility to trade at hours that suit on a variety of markets. And he’s come up trumps! He has figured out a trading system that not only works across ALL markets (so indices, FX, commodities and equities), but can be traded pretty much any time of the day – so yes, it means you could trade outside of normal working hours and not be glued to the screen all day.

So there you have it – a bit of a teaser for some very exciting systems.

Yes, you can sign up to all of them if you wish. All I ask is that you wait until next week when I shall be back in London, fully connected online and have those web pages sorted out. In the meantime, if you are desperate, then send me an email to this address with the name of the trading system in the subject line along with a few words of why you’d like to be a tester.

The Big prize – announcement next week

Thank you all so much for being patient on this one. I thought it would be easy to choose the 3 winners from the 300+ responses . . . but how wrong could I be. The quality of the entries was amazing and I wish we could give 100 top prizes.

Jon, Charlie and I have it down to the final 12, but we are still wrangling over the winners. I promise that by this time next week the winners will be notified and announced.

It was Aristotle – you know, the Greek philosopher – who once said that ‘nature abhors a vacuum’.

Ok, so old Aristotle was talking about water pumps, but I think the same thing can be said about Woolworths!

As we all know, earlier this year thousands of Woolies stores closed across the country. Thousands lost their jobs and millions of people had to do without their pic n’ mix.

But after a few months vacant, the old stores have found new tenants . . .

– According to a survey by The Daily Mirror nearly 300 former Woolworths stores are back in business

– The majority of leases have been bought by discount chains such as Poundland, 99p Stores and Peacocks

– Meanwhile 51 have be bought up by Iceland and a further 20 by Home Bargains

– The one that most interested me was Wellworths – Claire Robertson, an ex-Woolies worker, opened Wellworths, at the Dorchester, Dorset branch and recruited 20 former colleagues.

You see, just because Woolworths went bust doesn’t mean that the market for the products went away.

From a personal perspective Woolies used to be the perfect place to get last minute presents and supplies for kids parties. I mean where can you go to in your high street to get stuff for party bags or presents?

Ok, so there are plenty of online sites offering these products, but there was the convenience of being able to pop out and get little Jimmy’s birthday present.

And so, the gap left by Woolies has now been filled by low-end retailers who are supplying products for the price conscious.

You’d think that was a good thing . . . but what made me laugh was to see that petitions have been created to stop the influx of ‘pound shops’!

One toy shop owner (whose shop is next to a new 99p Store) said: “It’s not nice to have an empty shop but I wish it wasn’t a cheap one opening. I hope it doesn’t make the place more downmarket. I wouldn’t go there.”

Is it me, or is that just fear of competition mixed with a bit of snobbery?

I mean what would these people prefer – to have a high street with empty shops and high unemployment or to accept that market forces mean that 99p stores are what people need?

There is a time in the economic cycle when these shops are necessary. They are serving a hungry market of price-conscious shoppers. When the good times return and credit becomes easier to come by then those shops will not do as well and you will find the natural order of the markets will see the more ‘upmarket’ outlets opening again.

But then again, I guess the same people will complain when Starbucks comes to town as it’s a sign of the big chains muscling out the independent retailers.

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