Trading the gold market – try this new spread betting strategy

I’m very excited about a new spread betting strategy that Roxanne Cross has put together which focuses exclusively on making money trading the gold market.

News on gold – a new spread betting strategy

Early indications are that this could be a very exciting and profitable strategy.

Roxy has been holed up in a Peak District hotel for the past week working on the strategy and it should be available next Wednesday for testers.

I will send an email next week asking for 12 willing volunteers to put it through its paces, so look out for that!

Blimey! The response to my rant earlier this week has generated loads of wonderful emails – all were incredibly supportive and it is obvious that many have had similar experiences!

Oh, and to those who were worried about my blood pressure, rest assured I did lie down in a darkened room afterwards and now feel fine. Youknow, the whole mess with the CD cases got me thinking about customers and how they are treated . . .

No matter what business you’re in – online or offline, big or small – the greatest investment of time, money and effort is in bringing in new customers. And even more so today: advertising is expensive and with the tough economic conditions prospects are tightening their purse strings.

So it makes sense that you should look after your customers as well as you can – and yes that means understanding their concerns. At times like these you need to make sure that your service is orientated towards helping your existing customers.

What’s more, if you have customers, focus on your best buyers. In most businesses you will find that around 20% of customers actually generate 80% of your revenues.

So doesn’t it make sense to give special treatment to them?

Let me give you a real life example of this at work…Helen (our head marketer) in the Canonbury office has a mobile phone contract with Orange. Last year she felt she was paying too much and wanted to switch. She contacted Orange but they wouldn’t offer any discount and made it easy to cancel. For one reason or another she let it slip. Now she decided to call and Orange this week to switch . . . but this time they gave her a whopping 80% discount and loads of free calls to keep her! Why such a difference? I guess the economic situation is so bad that Orange realised that keeping their customers – even if it meant slashing their profit margins – made more sense than letting her go and having to replace her.

To be honest they should have given her the discount a year ago. Orange must know that Helen has been with them for 5 years and over that time would have spent thousands on her contract. Rather than taking a short-term view, they should concentrate on Helen’s Lifetime value as a customer. Now chances are that Helen will stay with them even when they put the monthly fee up again.

OK, I promised you news, and news you shall have . . .

The March edition of What Really Makes Money will be falling through letterboxes tomorrow. Another packed issue featuring blueprints on setting up your own Home Appliance Repair Agency, Exporting and Clickbank.

Bubbling under . . .

I’m already working on a new blueprint for the April WRMM showing you how to become a Company Formation Agent – even in the bad times there could be over 300,000 new company formations in the UK this year. The vast majority will need help in formalising the company.

You don’t have to be a legal expert to turn this into a great home business that could generate £20,000 a year plus part-time . . . full blueprint in the April issue . . .

New Trading Systems

First off, The Evening Trader . . . You may recall I asked for testers a couple of months ago to trial a trading strategy that allowed you to place a trade in the evening in less than 5 minutes.

Good news is, the system works!

Look, I won’t pretend it’s going to buy you a mock Tudor mansion (sorry to anyone who owns one but you know what I mean), but it’s bringing in nice regular gains for those who are following it. Let me give you a sneak peek at some of the feedback from testers:

“I love the simplicity of the system and how easy it is to use. In fact it could not be easier – just set the position and walk away. Brilliant – no watching of the screens, no letting emotions get in the way. Just check it the results at the end of the day. After testing it for several weeks now, I now have the confidence to know that this can make a useful secondary income.”


“I think the big, big advantage of your system is that people who are working full time can use it!  I have had a look at other systems and basically a lot require you to be glued to the screen in the mornings . . .

. . . Your system was also completely stress free – takes 5 minutes to set up and you can just literally walk away.  It was the most peaceful trading I have ever done . . .

. . . I think it is ideal for a beginner.  It would allow a beginner to build up an extra income stream slowly and steadily – it’s got to be better than just leaving your money in a bank account these days : ) .  . . . I have to say your support was (and is) excellent.  I just hope you’ll be able to cope when you get loads of customers!”


“The Evening trader is a system that will be part of my trading arsenal as it allow me to trade with the least amount of effort and stress thus enabling me to concentrate on other systems.”

Evening Trader will officially be launched in April.

Right, I’m off to take Zac to his first ever school disco!

Have a great weekend.

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