I’ll also give you everything you need to find the PERFECT part-time home-based side business suited to your specific strengths and goals that could put an extra 4 or even 5 figures PER MONTH into your bank account…

Dear Friend

The UK economy is like a fire in a wheelie bin: a hot mess!

Energy bills are eye-wateringly high. 

The cost of everyday foods are spiralling out of control.

And if you’re lucky enough to have squirrelled away some savings, you now have the privilege of watching them dwindle as inflation bites.

It means financial hardship for millions… with no end in sight. 

Now, unless you can get yourself a massive, inflation-busting pay-rise from the world’s most generous boss… 

…or luck out on a 14 million-to-one Lottery jackpot win…

Then you‘ll have to put up with getting steadily poorer.

So I understand if you feel unsure about the future and worry that there’s no escape from a situation that’s no fault of your own

Maybe you’ve tried to find a way out of this mess…

Perhaps you’ve searched online for ways to make money, and found yourself totally overwhelmed by all the noise, hype and self-promotion…

Or maybe you’ve invested time, money and effort on someone else’s ‘foolproof’ solution…

…something that promised almost guaranteed life-changing sums of money…

…only for you to end up disappointed, out-of-pocket, and right back where you started.

Sound familiar?

And yet wherever you look, there’s no shortage of people telling you how much they made from their amazing ‘side hustle’. 

The tabloids regularly show photos of smiling entrepreneurs who’ve made £20K a month from their kitchen tables since the pandemic. 

So what’s going on here? 

Why can’t YOU get the same break as these people?

Look, I know how you feel…

Even better, I can show you a way out. 

As the founder of What Really Makes Money, I’ve helped thousands of people in your situation since 2003 to break the cycle of disappointment and find genuine ways to make money from home. 

I launched the service 20 years ago with one aim:

To show people proven ways to earn an extra income, regardless of their age, skills or background…

…From quick cash generators, like flipping collectables, mystery shopping, renting out your shed, or profiting from unwanted junk…

 ….to side income solutions like gardening, proofreading, trading Forex and brokering local trade jobs… 

….to home businesses in eCommerce and information publishing, all run with just an internet connection and a computer.  

I quickly made a name for myself as someone not afraid to expose the many scams and dodgy operators in the ‘biz opp jungle’.

“You are like the Watchdog of the biz opp world! And you are so generous with the amount and quality of information!”
J Seiffer 

Because believe me, I’ve seen it all, from snake oil salesmen peddling their ‘revolutionary’ get-rich-quick systems, to trading systems that lose money as quickly as you could burn it with fire. 

I know what it’s like to have your hopes raised when you come across a new opportunity…. dreaming of what you might do with the extra money…. and all the exciting places you might go.

And I know what it’s like when it all comes crashing down… 

…stuck with an unworkable project that frustrates you to the point where you’re embarrassed to mention it to friends or family… until you just give up.

But I also know that there IS a way out of this situation.

There are steps you can take today that can kickstart a second income very fast, if you’re willing to follow the right advice.  

You don’t need a big (or any) upfront investment, tech skills, or to sell your soul on social media.

You don’t have to give up your job or become a slave to a computer screen for hours on end. 

You don’t need social media ‘followers’ or email subscriber lists.

You can start with as little as £50… or even nothing at all. 

And right now I’m willing to show you exactly how it’s done… without risk. 

How to create a second income in your
spare time… starting from NOTHING

To celebrate What Really Makes Money’s 20th birthday, I’ve put together something very special that I’d like to send you risk-free and without any obligation.

It’s a package of proven step-by-step blueprints that will help you do TWO crucial things in these dire economic times:

  • Turn what’s around you, and readily available, into quick cash, using free phone apps, upcycled junk, flipped collectables, UK company giveaways and even by getting paid to shop online…These can quickly stack up into an income without you needing to start a business or sacrifice too much of your time
  • Kickstart a part-time income, offline OR online, with the barest investment of your money (less than £50) and time (no more than 60 minutes a day or night)

If you follow these steps, just one of these easy-to-start ideas could help you pay those monstrous food and energy bills… 

Grow your savings so you have a nest egg for the future… 

And yes, have enough money to splurge on those things you dream about, whether it’s a new car, a bigger house, or holidays with the family.  

But there’s even more…

Because, if you’re willing, I can also show you how to scale up your part-time side income into a life-changing (six figures) enterprise. 

Imagine a home business that you run in your own time, on your terms, choosing when and where you work.

No daily commute. 

No boss. 

No clock watching. 

No begging for days off. 

It’s all there for you – if you’re willing to take the help I’m offering today. 

I’ll Cut Through the Money-Making Noise
And Give You Exactly What You Need to
Start Generating an Extra Income

I started What Really Makes Money back in 2003 because there was no independent trustworthy advice on business opportunities in the UK.

At that time, there were a lot of direct mail scams and cowboys taking advantage of the new internet Wild West.

Over two decades later, there has been an exponential increase in the number and variety of so-called ‘side hustles’.

(Don’t you just hate that term? I mean it sounds like you’re selling drugs or doing something barely legal!) 

From social media, vlogging and blogging… or cryptocurrencies, digital products… to Amazon, Etsy, eBay and Shopify… to platforms like TaskRabbit, Fiverr and Upwork where you can get online and offline freelance gigs.

It’s harder than ever to choose what’s right for you. 

And in this social media era where everyone can shout out about how great their money-making method is – without needing any proof or credibility – there’s MORE rubbish to wade through than ever. 

The internet is awash with over-hyped opportunities… shameless self-promoters… and kids barely out of school boasting about their TikTok-generated riches.

But this is not an accurate picture of what’s really going on.

The truth is… 

You don’t need to be a twenty-something with millions of social media followers or natural tech skills.

In fact you don’t have to go anywhere near social media to make a decent side income… or earn the kind of money that can replace a regular job… or make your retirement savings and pension go a lot further. 

There are genuine ways that anyone can earn money online OR offline – if you know where to look, and you have someone to show you how it’s done.

And that’s why I’m writing to you today…

Because right now it’s even more vital to cut through the noise and misinformation and get no-nonsense practical advice that actually gets results.

I don’t want to blow my own trumpet, but I have decades worth of professional first-hand experience helping people make money from home. 

  • I’ve spent the last 30 years writing, editing and publishing business, investment and financial advice in the UK and around the world
  • During my time at Agora Inc (the global financial newsletter publisher) I was Editorial Director of Stockmarket Confidential, Penny Share Guide, The Fleet Street Letter, Personal & Finance Confidential and many other highly respected titles
  • In 1998 I launched The Guild of Wealth – a members-only club dedicated to connecting people with proven ways of making money. I was also the publisher of its sister publication The Highlander Club in the US. Together they had a readership of more than 110,000 people
  • And then, in 2003, I launched What Really Makes Money – an independent review of home enterprise opportunities in the UK
  • Over the years I’ve worked with industry leading experts to publish hugely popular courses, guides and teaching programmes on self-publishing, financial trading, eCommerce, sports betting, email marketing, copywriting and countless others 

I don’t say any of this to show off.

I simply want to show you that I am qualified to help.

And because What Really Makes Money is 100% independent and promotion-free, I don’t have to keep advertisers happy, which means I can tell the truth about what works… and what doesn’t. 

I can show you which scams to avoid and which overblown claims to ignore…

But more importantly, I can give you a clear-eyed assessment of what is really involved in any home-based extra income opportunity… 

How much tech is really involved… what the potential costs are… if it’s suited for beginners… and how much income you can realistically expect to make. 

Because the truth is… 

Everyone has the potential to make a genuine
life-changing side income IF they
follow the right advice…

The great news is there are plenty of workable ways to generate an income that don’t need trendy apps or social media followers… 

It really doesn’t matter how old you are…

You could be 40, 60, 80, even 90 years old. 

You could be in full time work, or have your hands full with kids, pets or elderly relatives.

And you could have zero skills in writing, computers or marketing.

Even if you can only spare an hour a day, or at weekends, I can guarantee there’s a way to make a significant extra income that works for you.

You see, I’ve made it my mission over the past two decades to uncover every single possible way that people can earn an income without needing business experience, qualifications or advanced tech skills.

Since 2003 I’ve published hundreds of blueprints and inspired thousands of ordinary people to create an extra income based around their interests, strengths and weaknesses…

What Really Makes Money is for anyone who feels ignored or patronised by what’s on offer online…

It gives you a calm place where you can get no-nonsense advice about making money, far away from the shouty mayhem of the online world.

You even get a newsletter printed on…. (drum roll) …real paper!

Yes, What Really Makes Money is sent by post to your door, so that you don’t have to be glued to a computer screen or get distracted all the time.

You’ll also get unlimited access to an easy-to-search archive whenever you need it, with all the money-making research and reports, including:

  • Make £40-£50 an hour by helping other people online stay organised
  • How to make anything from £100-£1,000 every month using a simple smartphone app 
  • Ebay Flipping Trick! How to find poorly worded listings on eBay and flip those products for a quick resale at a higher price
  • How to create your own wax melts and make £8,040 extra per year or more
  • How you can talk to people online and make £10-£30 per hour from home
  • How growing mushrooms could make you £150-£300 a week (and you only need a small amount of space at home)
  • Bank £30K+ per year SHARING things you already own – this is something you can do without doing much work at all!
  • Turn ‘ghost photographs’ into a regular £900 a week income 
  • Bank £18,200 a year (or more) sending text messages 
  • Earn £15-£30 per hour correcting other people’s mistakes
  • Make £96 per day to £42,617 a year from dog grooming
  • How to make £105-£750 a week from the ‘make do and mend’ trend
  • Make £3,000–£4,000 a month helping others stay fit in retirement
  • An ethical way to make £450+ a week from double glazing!
  • How to earn £50K a year cleaning wheelie bins!
  • How to give people a new kitchen for a fraction of the cost and make £500 a week to £50,000+ a year 
  • Buy laptops for £45 and sell for £150! Discover the big profits that lie hidden in the Government’s secret surplus sales
  • How to make £24,000 – £48,000 per year from the parking space crisis
  • A quick way to flip pound shop products for 200%, 300% and 400% profits

This is just a tiny sample of the hundreds of proven online and offline side income plans you could soon have at your fingertips. 

Whether you’re looking for something to bring in extra cash part-time… or something to turn into a full, six figure home-based business, I can help. 

But I don’t want you to take my word for it.

Instead you can access the very latest blueprints simply by starting your 100% risk-free trial.

Each blueprint contains step-by-step instructions including tools and resources to save time, avoid setbacks and get results.

Anything is possible – it really only takes one idea you find in What Really Makes Money to completely change your financial future.

Consider what happened to this reader… 

WRMM Subscriber Banks £4,000 PER DAY! 

Since 2003, I’ve helped many readers make life-changing breakthroughs, like Ben Lee…

“I have been a long time subscriber of What Really Makes Money. I still have the 2003 copy in fact.

The publication has helped me immensely over the years covering many aspects of making money, such as copywriting, email marketing, selling on Ebay and eventually selling on Amazon.

I started selling on Amazon after I read an article which was published in WRMM and really gave it a “go”. I had nothing much to lose (since I didn’t have much money anyway) and a whole lot to gain.

And now I’m banking around £4,000 a day. 

My best month was during the covid lockdowns… I nearly hit £1 million in revenue in one month during December 2020.

Now life is so much different compared to when I first started. 

So, if you are reading this, take action on the advice and business ideas that Nick and his team lays out for you each month.

Just pick one of the ideas and put your heart and soul into it.

And don’t wait for the perfect time. It won’t come. 

‘Just do it’ as they say in Nike adverts!”

Now I’d like you to become
my next success story…

I’d love to send you a complete package of easy-to-use guides and step-by-step blueprints that you can follow to:

  • Generate quick cash from free, cheap and easily available options that don’t require you to set up a business or commit any time 
  • Set up a part-time side income that fits around your work and family life

Simply take a risk-free look at What Really Makes Money today and you can get all of this with my compliments: 

FREE SUPER REPORT #1: HOME ATM! This is packed full of quick and easy ways to generate fast cash from home without a lot of start up capital or experience.


  • How to get paid £1.50 every time you take a photo of a ‘help wanted sign’ in the high street
  • Couch Potato Profits! Watch TV and listen to Music for cash – you could earn £10 just for watching a programme
  • Convert people’s photos to digital files just by using your mobile phone and earn upto 75p per photo
  • How to get paid online for article writing, birthday greetings, bookmarking and linking, data entry, accounting work, copywriting, astrology, graphic design, transcription and other jobs
  • Earn money from your own online transcription and caption service – you could make an average of £343 per month working just 15 hours a week
  • Amazon arbitrage! How a simple smartphone app allows you to check out any product, see if you can buy it locally for less than Amazon’s price, then flip it for a quick profit

PLUS, you’ll enjoy even more practical ways to create multiple extra income streams with:

  • FREE SUPER REPORT #2: ‘JUNK’ PROFITS! Discover how you can sell your own – or other people’s – unwanted stuff for profit on eBay and other online marketplaces…
  • FREE SUPER REPORT #3: PRIZE POACHING!  This reveals how you can legally hack into UK business’ £300m-a-year ‘slush fund’ for potential tax-free pay-outs worth £250-£70,000 every month

You’ll also get unlimited access to the complete What Really Makes Money archive, which includes hundreds of blueprints for making money, part-time, or full-time, from home. You’ll discover:

  • How to make £80,000 – £300,000 from sharing what you already know in a one-off product that stays online and makes a rolling income, 24/7 for months and even years 
  • How to LEGALLY steal other people’s designs and copy to earn £2,225 – £25,500 per year from t-shirts…£3,493 – £34,930 for a cookery book …. and £11,250 per year from picture prints
  • How to make £200-£950 per week in your spare time from plants (even if you don’t have any outside space)
  • Upcycle a pieces of everyday junk into £18, £77 or even £311– I’ll give you four quick and easy ways  
  • Easy AI Profits! Why it’s a lot easier than you think to enjoy a £3K+ per month passive income from your own unique information products… without writing a word or having ANY tech skills! 

And I won’t just SHOW you these blueprints and leave you to make your decision.

Instead I’ll make sure you are following the right path with another FREE bonus you can claim (and keep) if you take up the risk-free trial today.

Discover Which Home Enterprise is
Most Likely to Make You A
Regular Side Income 

Look, I don’t know your current situation…

You may be retired… in full-time work… a stay-at-home parent… unemployed… 

And I don’t know what goals you have in life. 

A bigger house… a nice garden… a new location… a change in career… flexible hours… an end to the daily commute…  

But I can make sure that you find the enterprise that best fits your situation and your goals. 

You see, over the years, I’ve found that some people are natural Amazon sellers.

Others have the ‘right stuff’ it takes to be a financial trader.

Some people love working online, while others are complete technophobes.

Everyone is different.

And yet you’d be amazed how many people choose to follow opportunities that are completely unsuitable for them.

The end result is they end up losing money.

Kind of obvious when you think about it, isn’t it?

So I want to give you a free copy of The Side Income Strength Finder, a clear and easy-to-follow method for picking the best income source for you.

It helps you to quickly identify your key strengths so you can select the perfect enterprise to match.

No guessing. 

No time-wasting. 

And no expensive mistakes.

This is yours to keep, just for taking a risk-free look at What Really Makes Money.

So let me sum up what you can look forward to as part of your no-obligation trial:

  • FREE SUPER REPORT #1: HOME ATM! Packed full of quick and easy ways to generate a bit of money from home without a lot of start up capital or experience
  • FREE SUPER REPORT #2: ‘JUNK’ PROFITS! How you can sell your own – or other people’s – unwanted stuff for profit on eBay and other online marketplaces
  • FREE SUPER REPORT #3: PRIZE POACHING! How to legally hack into uk  business’ £300m-a-year  ‘slush fund’ for potential  tax-free pay-outs worth £250-£70,000 every month
  • FREE SUPER REPORT #4: THE SIDE INCOME STRENGTH FINDER – this will help you to find the new income source that best suits your time, skills and experience
  • PLUS – FULL ACCESS to the What Really Makes Money archives, which is packed full of hundreds of business blueprints, reviews of the latest opportunities and advice services, video tutorials, recommended resources, shortcuts, tools, swipe files and checklists
  • MONTHLY NEWSLETTER – all my updates and insights go into a privately circulated subscription-only hard copy report. Posted to you each month it is crammed full of my reviews, advice, and plans you can take and use immediately
  • SUPPORT – you’ll get the WRMM team’s ongoing support, so that you can ask me questions and get my help whenever you need it
  • WEEKLY UPDATES – I’ll also email you weekly ideas for running your side income generator, including psychological, organisational and motivational advice, as well as reviews and analysis of new opportunities

This is everything you need to start generating an inflation-busting second income, very quickly.

Within a few weeks you could easily have your first fast-cash strategies up and running – that’s without needing to set up a business or do anything complicated like create a website. 

These could be making anything from £80, £100 or £200 from easy little projects, using stuff you can find for free, or skills and experiences you already have. 

But that’s just the beginning…

Because by setting up one of the side income generators you’ll find in What Really Makes Money, you could start to bring in regular money every week… 

Potentially £1,000-£3,000 or more, and all strictly part time. 

Imagine making £1,000, £2000 or
£3,000 on top of what you already
earn… in your spare time

You’d easily have the money to cover all those sky-high bills and eye-watering trips to the supermarket.

You’d have the money to invest in a mortgage, new home or retirement nest-egg.

You’d be able to take holidays and weekend breaks whenever you wanted. 

And potentially you’d have enough money to free yourself from your job and spend more time with your loved ones or pursuing your hobbies. 

But it all starts with finding the right plan for you. Something that’s proven to work, and which plays to your strengths, financial goals and level of free time.

This is what I’d like to do for you today.

To celebrate What Really Makes Money’s 20th year anniversary, I’m going to offer a full year’s access to the latest proven plans, resources and support for £97 per year.

That’s a bargain when you think that just one quick cash idea could pay for that within a few weeks… and even a very modest second income idea could make £300-£500+ per week.

That’s for access to the online archive of blueprints and a monthly printed newsletter packed with the latest opportunities, case studies, hot trends and reviews….

All with my ongoing support and guidance.

PLUS – you’ll get my package of those FREE Super Reports to keep, including the Home ATM cash-generating report, the Junk Profits strategy for cashing in on unwanted stuff and the Prize-Poaching method of getting free money from UK companies. 

Not only that, I’ll help match you to your ideal enterprise with the FREE Side Income Strength Finder, saving you a lot of wasted time on dead ends.

I don’t believe you’ll find this level of advice and support for this kind of price anywhere in the world.

And I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. 

Which is why I’m happy to send you everything to look at for 30 days, risk-free.

Try out the fast-cash ideas…get matched up to your ideal enterprise with the Side Income Strength Finder… access all the blueprints and set up your first side income generator… and email me and the WRMM team with your questions.

If you aren’t utterly convinced that WRMM can help you generate a bank-building second income, then let me know within 30 days and I’ll refund your £97 right away. 

All the free reports will be yours to keep, whatever you decide.

But it’s my hope you’ll be one of the many people who send me feedback like this….

  • “Nick – you are an Internet Marketing and Home Business Genius!  The information you provided in [WRMM] and the bonuses are absolutely brilliant. I really now have a clear direction of what to do.” Christine 
  • “I’m a devotee …WRMM has been invaluable to me in both giving me specific workable ideas for additional income streams and in guiding me to – and away from! – the many ‘business opportunities’ in the market”.Jon Mainwaring 
  • A publication like WRMM has been long overdue. I could have saved £000’s over the years on the junk opportunities that I’ve wasted a lot of my hard earned money on. Keep up the excellent work.” Azizur Rahman 
  • “I’ve put 3 of your reports together and am now developing a business prototype. Thank you for the inspiration WRMM.” C Holt-Bailey 
  • “You are the best thing to happen in my long search to earn a crust working from home.” K Tucker 
  • “As long as you’re providing top quality up-to-date valuable information like this, you can count me in as a lifetime subscriber...” G Cairns 
  • “This service is of enormous value to all those who are seeking a business opportunity which is suitable both to their background and skills, but with the added safety net of knowing the ‘real’ facts in advance…” A Francis  
  • “It is refreshing to get someone who is looking after the interests of the ordinary bloke in the street” Garry Duddle  
  • I find the articles and reviews to be both fair and extremely useful for someone like myself who is constantly bombarded with mailings” Leigh Stephens 
  • “I enjoy your newsletters very much and especially like your ‘no-fluff-tell-it-like-it-is’ approach…” D Wilkinson 
  • “I just wanted to take time out to say thank you for this incredible wealth of ideas, inspiration and advice. After only a few days I’m beginning to think this really is the best subscription I’ve ever taken out” Jon Jay

I really hope you’ll take a bold step today and try out What Really Makes Money while it’s at this crazily low price.

This one small step could transform your
financial situation for the better

I believe that everyone has the potential to make money and secure their financial freedom, no matter what their age or experience might be.

But the ONLY way to secure yourself a better life is to take action now.

With your own money-generating project you can beat inflation, protect your savings and build up your wealth in a time of economic hardship. 

It’s there for the taking if you’ll let me help you. 

Best Regards

Nick Laight
What Really Makes Money